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Astro Services

Astrological consultation online. What is it?

Vedic astrology — allows you to find answers to most of the questions that arise in the process of life. A financial horoscope for a year or a map of compatibility of married partners, a financial horoscope or a children’s horoscope for the development of talents. Each person has his own karmic tasks and the prevailing picture of life, which we continue to draw every second. Therefore, it is very important to clearly understand what the next brush stroke should be, and so that the result pleases you and your loved ones.

Astrological consultation online allows you tConsulting_with_astrologero understand mistakes and delusions from the past, the nature of their occurrence and the reasons for reactions to events in life. Having received a detailed analysis of any situation, you will have the opportunity not to repeat mistakes and more consciously plan your actions in the future.

In the Western model of life, the most common idea is that you need to go to an astrologer when something has happened or something cannot be achieved. And in the east, with the help of an astrologer, they plan in what direction to develop children, when is the most appropriate time to start an important project, when to expect a difficult period for health and other questions about planning the future.

The modern upbringing formula has completely ruled out the understanding that a person is a part of the Universe and all events occur in absolute precision with the time cycles of our solar system. Our ancestors did everything according to the lunar calendar: conceiving children, starting to build a house, planting and harvesting … absolutely everything was planned according to time cycles and therefore people lived in peace and harmony with themselves and nature.

«Astrological charts for analysis and prediction have been tested by hundreds of generations, and therefore are worthy of deep respect and trust.»

Carl Gustav Jung


Astrologer services online. Cost and description of astrologer’s services.



You can contact me with any question, by the date of birth I will draw up a personal horoscope and you will receive answers to topics of interest. To do this, just click the button below and inform me about it. Further, in the format of correspondence, we will be able to discuss the details and determine which type of astrological consultation is right for you.





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