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Vedic Lunar Calendar 2022

The Vedic Lunar Calendar 2022  is a system for determining the quality of energy in space. A calculation system based on well-defined and sequential cycles of the phases of the moon.

The Aryan civilization (long before the Sumerians) were the first to develop a calendar based entirely on the recurrence of the lunar phases. Each Sumero-Babylonian month began on the first day of the new moon. And the Vedic (Aryan) starts counting from the moment of the new moon. In my calculations I use the Vedic system. 

There are different systems for calculating the first lunar day, but they all have a single point of exaltation – the full moon. The moon has a huge controlling influence on our consciousness, so the cycles of the lunar phases are used to calculate religious holidays. Easter, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Tibetan shows the birthdays and departure of the Buddha. Most of the successful people in our world correlate their plans with the phases of the moon.

How to use the lunar calendar

Lunar calendar for the current month (download)

Lunar calendar video review

Moon transits by zodiac signs (characteristics)

Lunar calendar 2022 – basic elements

So that you can correctly interpret the information from the calendar, I will briefly describe the basic concepts:
  • The lunar day does not coincide with the solar day. This is due to the fact that the lunar day has a range of duration from 19-26 hours. In practice, it must be understood that an unfavorable or beneficial effect may not begin at sunrise, but at noon, for example;
  • Moon phases. The calendar has 4 main ones  new moon (there is no moon in the sky), growing (a thin month appears in an arc to the right), full moon, waning (reduction from right to left). Some astrologers use 8 phases of the lunar cycle, but in order not to confuse the reader, I limit myself to only the main ones.
  • Each phase has its own affirmation. Since the position of the Moon in nakshatras (lunar mansions in the sky) changes the influence of the current phase, I add hints in the form of affirmations. It is convenient and understandable. That is why month by month, the lunar phases can have different quality of energy.
  • The effects of the full moon and new moon last a couple of days.

How to use the Vedic Lunar calendar

calendar element Explanation for understanding
Waning phase of the moon in the calendar Graphic images on the left. 

show the prevailing phase of the moon for the corresponding week. It is also signed vertically which phase it is and above the image there is an affirmation for this phase of the moon. Learn more about the phases of the moon here .

Characteristics of the lunar day Each day is divided into two parts: 

  1.  the gray half shows what is favorable to do on this day
  2.  pink, respectively, shows what you should not do on this day.
Legend of the colors in the calendar Flower legend. 

Which are used in the calendar. An eclipse does not occur every month, so they are rarely seen. Ekadashi (yellow) is the 11th lunar day, the strength of which can be read here. 

Icon legend in the calendar Icon legend in the calendar. 

Each lunar day has 4 pictograms that describe what things it is desirable to do and what to postpone.

Vedic lunar calendar 2022 for April

Lunar calendar April 2022

Download Vedic Lunar Calendar for April 2022 in HD Quality

Quite often, I am approached with a request to find the best dates for a very important event in life. It can be anything: a wedding, selling a car or buying an apartment. Remember that by doing important things on auspicious days, you enlist the support of higher powers. In this case, failure simply cannot give up on you. If you have an important event planned, then I can personally calculate the best days in the Lunar calendar for this according to your request.


The cost of analyzing a horoscope for selecting a favorable date  is $20

Cycles of time

Everything in our universe is interconnected in time and space.   Absolutely everything has its cycles in time, which have points of exaltation and debilitation (highest and lowest points) . Visually, these cycles are represented by the movement of celestial bodies around the sun, this gives day and night. More specifically for people, time periods are displayed due to the movement of the Moon around the Earth (tides) . The moon has a huge influence on our consciousness , therefore, during the new moon period, we feel a breakdown and vice versa during the full moon.

Energy from every planet in the solar system has a similar cyclical effect on a person. The quality of the energies and what results it can give can be seen in the lunar calendar. There is a common lunar calendar for the month, which reflects the main trends of what is good and what is undesirable to do for each day. This calendar is very effective and popular among those who are engaged in spiritual practice. Those who plan their activities and classes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Passing through the zodiac in about 28 days, the Moon spends about two and a half days in each sign, coloring the emotional atmosphere of our hours in different shades. While the Moon in Sagittarius has an upbeat and carefree vibe, the Moon in Taurus is more serious and introverted. Different signs also signify different emotional needs and impulses. Read below and find out what to expect when the Moon transits in each sign!

Moon transits by zodiac signs

Moon in Aries
  • Emotions: excitement
  • Element: Fire
  • Color: red
  • Chakra: root


Affirmation: I am brave and passionate.

Intention: I dare to initiate actions as a pure expression of my emotional energy.

When the Moon is in Aries, our emotions are awakened and we almost burst into enthusiasm for a new beginning. Suffering may flare up more than usual. So channel the pure energy of this transition into physical activity or a project. Emotions can explode and subside like gusts of wind.

This is not the time to sit back or put too much pressure on yourself. There may be a strong need to be active and follow your instincts. It is good to avoid irrationally hasty or impulsive decisions. Paradoxically, we feel safe on the Moon in Aries, expanding our boundaries. Have fun, initiate and create!

Moon in Taurus
  • Emotion: Satisfaction
  • Element: Earth
  • Green color
  • Chakra: Heart

taurus horoscopeAffirmation: I am in abundance.

Intention: I take care of myself like mother nature.

The Moon in Taurus awakens the desire to treat yourself to a quality meal, a nice book or a relaxing walk in the park! Our emotional reactions are slow but powerful. And our well-being depends on how well we meet basic needs such as food, sleep, or movement.

Most of us prefer to stay at home and spend time with loved ones when the Moon is in Taurus, preferring comfort over novelty. We tend to express our feelings in a down-to-earth and serious way, only opening up when strictly necessary. Touch is one of the best ways to find safety. While routine and rest helps us stay sane. When the Moon is in Taurus, choose quality over quantity and connect with what is simple and natural!

Moon in Gemini
  • Emotions: curiosity
  • Element: Air
  • Color: gray
  • Chakra: throat

Gemini horoscopeAffirmation: I know everything I need to know right now.

Intention: I watch my curiosity about the information that feeds me.

When the Moon is in Gemini, our mind reflects a million different nuances. And our emotions can easily fluctuate from one idea to another. We tend to feel curious, outgoing, and restless. Expressing our emotions directly in a detached, often intellectual way. Our needs are best met through: reading, writing, socializing, short trips, dancing, needlework. Any other activity that entertains our nervous system.

We need to feel mentally engaged when the Moon is in Gemini, otherwise we may become bored, fussy or anxious. We may also dream or worry too much. Breathing exercises or meditation can do wonders for an overactive mind when the Moon is in the sign of Gemini. Breathe, move, explore and enjoy exploring the world with childish curiosity these days!

Moon in Cancer
  • Emotion: peace
  • Element: Water
  • Color: silver
  • Chakra: Third eye

cancer horoscopeAffirmation: I am safe.

Intention: I am raising my inner child like a mother.

The Moon in Cancer is a call for home, security and care. This is the time when many of us want to communicate with loved ones. I want to drown under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee and my favorite TV show. Listen to what your inner child is telling you when the Moon is in Cancer. Does he need rest, a warm bath, hugs? Should I listen and care?

Now we are more vulnerable than usual! And any little thing is enough to cause offense or protection. Be patient with others and with yourself. Analyze the essence of your emotions and dose them. This is a time for recovery and healing.

Moon in Leo
  • Emotion: optimism
  • Element: Fire
  • Color is gold
  • Chakra: Third eye

Leo horoscopeAffirmation: I create.

Intention: I express myself freely, from the heart.

When the Moon is in Leo, we feel full of enthusiasm and love! Our emotions are deep, our devotion is strong. We tend to express ourselves dramatically with loved ones. During this transition, we need more attention than usual. Therefore, it is good to surround ourselves with people who make us feel safe and loved. And at the same time show ourselves the love we deserve.

The transit of the Moon in the sign of Leo is manifested through creativity. From drawing and singing to dancing and acting. Give yourself the freedom to connect with your heart and let your passion flow. Pour out your emotions in art or gestures of love. These days, we feel more secure when we enjoy the best life has to offer.

Moon in Virgo
  • Emote: Caution
  • Element: Earth
  • Brown colour
  • Chakra: throat

Virgo horoscopeAffirmation: I’ve had enough.

Intention: I balance problem solving with acceptance of the present moment.

The Moon in Virgo is a call to cleanse our body and soul. This is the time when we are more attentive to details than usual. More likely to see what is not working in a situation and what needs to be fixed. On an emotional level, this can lead to insecurity, anxiety, or (self-criticism). So it would be a good idea to slow down and take care of things one at a time for the moment.

We need order, simplicity, and the realization that we are useful. During the period of the Moon in the sign of Virgo, it is time to do household chores. It is also an excellent period for body cleansing (detoxification) . Information is another Virgo need. Will begin to pull more to read or write during this transition.

Analyze, compare, work on improving aspects of your life. During this transit, we feel safe if our environment is neat, our thoughts are organized, and if we can take care of others with our work.

Moon in Libra
  • Emotion: Calm
  • Element: Air
  • Pink colour
  • Chakra: Heart

Libra horoscopeAffirmation: I am beautiful.

Intention : I find balance in the present moment again and again.

When the Moon is in Libra, we naturally strive for harmony in our relationships and surroundings. We are more sensitive than usual and we need to feed our soul and our senses with quality energy through art. If we feel hesitant or unsure about something, it is because we are constantly looking for a balance, a point of balance.

Seek peace in the beautiful things that life has to offer. Come back to the present moment if you feel overwhelmed. It helps to spend time in good company and in good conversation. But try not to project too many of your needs onto others. During the period of the movement of the Moon in the sign of Libra, we feel safe only if we are emotionally balanced and connected with loved ones.

Moon in Scorpio
  • Emote: strength
  • Element: water
  • Black colour
  • Chakra: solar plexus

scorpio horoscopeAffirmation: I am strong.

Intention: I confront my deepest emotions and transform them with love.

Scorpio is the time to delve deeper into the mysterious side of life. Such as: psychology, sexuality, the occult, crisis and rebirth. This is the time when we tend to experience the highest and lowest peaks in life. During the period of transit through the scorpion, they are able to feel something more intense. Often we will be more secretive about our emotions, sharing them only with people to whom we are faithful.

Our needs revolve around security (physical, emotional, spiritual) and the intensity of the experience. This is a good time to explore our dark side through spiritual practice . It is advisable to have deep conversations or share moments of intimacy. When the Moon is in Scorpio, we tend to hide our vulnerabilities under a hard shell. We may be tempted to project our shadow onto another out of jealousy, envy, or resentment. It is very important for us to feel safe during this period.

Moon in Sagittarius
  • Emotion: hope
  • Element: Fire
  • Color: purple
  • Chakra: sacral

Sagittarius horoscopeAffirmation: I am free.

Intention: I take risks that feed my soul.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, we feel that the world is ours! This is a great time to get outside, have fun with friends, do things we don’t usually do. Or invest in a spiritual practice or course. What most satisfies us during this transit is the feeling that our horizons are expanding and that we are learning more about the world at large.

Emotions can easily swing from excitement to disappointment, but the good news is that it’s easier for us to express them directly. When the Moon is in Sagittarius, life seems easy and fun. And security can be found in the things that occupy and nourish the body and soul: authentic connections, soulful conversations, adventures, games and laughter.

Moon in Capricorn
  • Emotion: solemnity
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: dark brown
  • Chakra: root

Capricorn horoscopeAffirmation: I am strong.

Intention: I work to create structures in which I feel safe.

The transit of the Moon in Capricorn is a time of focus on the goals we want to achieve. And also a time of solitude, solitude and reflection. The atmosphere is not easy as we face responsibilities and deadlines. But it’s a great way to get things done and think about important things from a realistic perspective.

Emotionally, we are reserved, we prefer to act rather than feel or express emotions. But in practice, we can show greater loyalty to loved ones. Things that make us feel safe: privacy, respect, good material conditions. Be sure to have time to do things on your own schedule. During the Moon in Capricorn period, we should feel rooted in reality and competent in the areas that matter to us. Use this transition to reflect on your priorities and get things done!

Moon in Aquarius
  • Emotions: detachment
  • Element: Air
  • Color: turquoise
  • Chakra: root

Aquarius horoscopeAffirmation: I am connected to my Higher Self.

Intention: I follow my intuition and do what I think is right, no matter what others say.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, we are drawn to the unusual: innovation, technology, astrology, interesting ideas about the future. The emotional atmosphere is cool, detached. We need more freedom to go about our business, whether alone or with people who share our views. We may be attracted to meditation or spiritual practice that leads us to meaningful insights.

During this transit, it is easier to be friendly and tolerant with others. This is a great time to meet up with friends or participate in group activities. When the Moon is in Aquarius, we feel safe if we have enough space, if we are accepted for who we are. And also, if we find a way to accept what is new in our lives. Trust your intuition during this transit and don’t be afraid to do something new!

Moon in Pisces
  • Emotion: compassion
  • Element: Water
  • Color: Aquamarine
  • Chakra: sacral

Pisces horoscopeAffirmation: I am deeply connected.

Intention : I give myself time to rest, recuperate and open my heart.

The Moon in Pisces creates a soft atmosphere that allows us to be very sensitive, dreamy and thoughtful. We feel the need for rest and recovery at the end of the cycle. Our hearts are open during this transition, which makes us more receptive to our emotions. And also to other people when we navigate the world of intuition, images, symbols and feelings. We need to feel connected during the Moon in Pisces: with loved ones, with nature, with divinity, with ourselves. We can do this by finding time for artistic or spiritual activities, or by doing something useful for others. Events can be confusing, so it’s good to work through uncertainty. Wano will get rid of her as much as possible, finding safety in gentleness, art, emotional vulnerability, kindness, or just a well-deserved relaxation