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Financial horoscope

Analysis of personal financial opportunities  is a super hot topic for 95% of the world’s population.

In most cases, we believe that the main financial income is work! To which we go every day and wait for a salary every month. Yes and no. Why so, yes, because we have been taught this way since childhood and we do not even try to raise our heads and look at the world around us and the options that it shows us. A personal financial horoscope shows the possibility of earning from other areas of life, where we did not even think about earning.

Quite often, fate throws us difficult situations that make us act differently from the main financial development paradigm, and sometimes even on the verge, but acting blindly is not the best option, it is much easier to solve the problem when you understand your hidden opportunities and this is the value of the financial horoscope.

The financial horoscope can be viewed from different angles:

  • will you be able to run your own business?game_bingo
  • where to look for additional sources of income to gain financial stability
  • what activities will be successful for you
  • what are your chances of winning the lottery or casino
  • pledge of property – a solution or a utopia for you
  • put savings on a deposit or invest in an idea
  • How will the inheritance be?
  • whether to count on financial support from a spouse and much more

Money is a special kind of energy. They are never enough, because this energy is generated by our desires.  Money generation mechanics: the greater the desire, the stronger the internal drive to act in order to get/earn/steal/borrow, etc.

Forming a special message-desire to the Universe, we begin to manifest reality in this way. Further, restrictions are imposed on this reality in the form of karmic filters, and as a result we get the necessary finances for the realization of desire. Here it is very important to understand the rule – money is not an end in itself, but a means of realizing the plan. In other words, just by wanting more money, we do not form a goal and therefore nothing really works out. As soon as we have formed in our minds the intention to achieve what we want, the Universe gives us options for realization.

The best example of this is the film by Ilf and Petrov: The Golden Calf. The great schemer Ostap Bender had a goal and ideas on how to achieve it, fate added everything else in the course of events. A more modern adaptation of this idea is Slumdog Millionaire , dir. Danny Boyle.

There are no random events, everything is formed by the power of our thoughts and desires.

Very often I hear stories from clients about how they wanted to build a house or buy a car, but there was no money to realize the desire. After consultation and understanding how to act, unusual, but effective solutions began to appear.

YES, an astrologer will not solve all financial issues for you, but he will definitely help clarify all the chances and methods of working with money. And what result will be obtained directly depends on your trust in the astrologer and the amount of effort.

Astrological analysis service includes:

  • analysis of the birth chart for combinations of poverty or wealth
  • calculation of periods of activation of the financial flow
  • selection of the most profitable type of activity
  • advice on current career opportunities
  • specific ways to do to improve your financial situation
  • Skype conversation + highlights analysis in printed form to your email

Consultation cost:

$80 – no written report, only online conversation

$130 – online conversation + written report

Procedure:  write me  a request ⇒ make a payment ⇒ agree on a consultation time

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