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Gift certificate “Consultation of an astrologer”

An astrological consultation is a personal and fun way to celebrate or celebrate life changes. A unique gift for a special occasion.

Do you know anyone who has questions?

Would they like to feel less stress and be more confident that they are on the right track?

Maybe they need to shed light on a dark spot in a personal situation so they can make clear decisions.

If yes, then a gift for an astrological consultation could be perfect!

An analysis of the astrological birth chart can reveal:

* deep and useful insights
* show inner confidence in a new way
* add courage in solving important matters
* increase motivation
* give relief on issues that torment the soul
* inner peace
* form a specific plan for the implementation of the plan

Gift Ideas for an Astrologer’s Consultation Certificate


This gift includes a review of the person’s personality characteristics, his or her strengths and weaknesses. Topics covered include: profession, family, health, love, money, past lives, creativity and spirituality.


The consultation lasts approximately 60 minutes.

The value of the gift certificate is $100 – and includes an online conversation (no written report).

Birth information is not required to purchase a gift certificate, but please include the recipient’s full name to register on my records.




Natal chart readings are a unique way to celebrate the birth of a new life and learn how to develop it harmoniously.

This consultation gives you, as a parent, an excellent opportunity to understand your child’s needs and temperament. (from 0 to 18 years old)


The consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes and gives an idea of ​​what it takes for this growing individual to feel supported.
Instead of “predicting” fate, horoscope analysis provides simple practical information on how best to take care of a newborn.

For registration and purchase of a gift certificate, the birth data of the child is required, I ask the parents for the rest of the information for whose child the analysis of the birth card will be done.

The cost of a gift certificate is $100 – without a written report, only an online conversation

If you are booking for two or more children, please let us know in the comments for a discount or a personal astrological consultation.




Any consultation of an astrologer can be packaged in a gift certificate.

Ideas for a gift certificate:
  • choice of profession for a graduate
  • selection of personal gems by horoscope
  • annual professional horoscope for boss/spouse
  • compatibility horoscope for newlyweds
  • motivational card for personal growth to a friend / girlfriend
  • consultation session with answers to intimate questions (marriage, having children, moving abroad), etc.


The cost of the certificate depends on the type of service you order. Some services with prices are described here.

If you have any special wishes or suggestions on the topic of consultation, write in the comments to the order, we will solve everything


Advantages of the gift certificate “Consultation of an astrologer”

Fast and easy . Buy a certificate online and your gift will be available in minutes. Each certificate is individual + You can add a personal note or a wish/congratulation.
Great last minute gift. The gift certificate can be delivered by email. This makes it the perfect last minute gift for birthdays, graduations, holidays, housewarmings, etc.

A personal consultation with an astrologer is a special gift. Once you have selected a suitable consultation and made a prepayment, I will send you a personalized gift letter that you can print, wrap and give to a special person. Certificate printing and mailing by courier is also available with any order. All consultations can be carried out by phone, so the distance is not a hindrance.

Individual and flexible. This combination is suitable for everyone who likes to give extraordinary gifts and surprise their loved ones. A consultation with an astrologer will be remembered for a lifetime. Giving useful gifts is an art!

The certificate can be mailed to the recipient. This is especially convenient if for some reason you cannot personally present the gift. Certificate printing and mailing by courier is also available with any order.

To order a certificate, just leave a request and indicate in the comments what kind of consultation you want to order.


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