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Individual horoscope

A natal chart (a description of a horoscope) is like a DNA code that contains all the information about a living organism + detailed instructions on how to use this organism and where the bonuses are hidden. An individual human horoscope allows you to “get” any information about the past, present and future. Perhaps for some it sounds like mysticism, but for those who have already consulted a Vedic astrologer, this is a completely objective reality.

What do you get by ordering an individual horoscope:

  • determination of your ascending zodiac sign (“eastern zodiac sign”, useful to know for offering to Ganeshfurther understanding of the predictions of eastern astrologers by zodiac signs)
  • analysis of key indicators of your personality (in spiritual and material aspects, i.e. a set of qualities and opportunities with which you came into this world)
  • information about your hidden talents and areas of life in which it is possible to succeed
  • the main karmic tasks for this life (what your soul has planned to embody in this life)
  • what obstacles await you and in what periods of life they will manifest themselves most tangibly
  • how to become a happy and harmonious person ( recommendations and specific methods)

Upon completion of the consultation, you will receive a pdf document by mail. It will contain a brief description of the main points that were raised during the consultation and specific recommendations on what and how to do in order to achieve the desired goal. This helps a lot to realize many subtle points, because. rereading the information, we each time perceive it with a different depth of awareness. The more developed our consciousness, the deeper layers of the same information are revealed to us.

What does this type of astrological consultation include:

  • analysis of your natal birth chart + important points (talents, finances, relationships, etc.)
  • specific methods-recommendations what to do if there are restrictions or complex combinations in the map
  • answers to your questions, for the sake of which we started all this
  • online conversation and the main points of the analysis in printed form to your mail

Consultation cost:

$100 – no written report, only online conversation

$150 – online conversation + written report

Procedure:  write me  a request ⇒ pay ⇒ agree on a consultation time


An example of what the decoding of the natal chart looks like, which you will receive after the consultation

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You don’t have to pay anything yet. First, leave a request and I will contact you.

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