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Solar or horoscope for a year

Solar is a tool that helps you plan things effectively and achieve your goals faster. In fact, this is an individual development map for a year. It clearly describes in what periods it is worth concentrating efforts, in which to relax and observe what is happening. It takes into account the movement of the Moon and the Sun in different houses of the horoscope. As well as transits of all planets, which helps to understand how to proceed further with minimal errors.

Space plays a key role in the life of any person. Even the smallest planetary movements (transits) can lead to major shifts in your life. For example, every year the sun returns to the degree where it was at the time of your birth. All the planets move at different speeds, so not everyone has time to arrange the planets in your chart changes every year.

In the Vedic tradition, this predictive technique is called Varshaphala. And in Western astrology, it is known as a solarium.

In India, Tibet, China, and other Asian countries, most successful people use the yearly budget very actively. This is partly why they are full of health and happy with life.

In practice, this happens like this – your birth chart is analyzed. Then the transits of the planets for the next 12 months are superimposed. And you get personal astrological recommendations for 12 months from your date of birth. The horoscope for the year shows favorable days for starting serious business:

  • important periods in business or career
  • financial projections (revenues / costs)
  • love and family events (wedding/divorce)
  • periods for starting treatment and other important matters

Horoscope for a year or solarium (examples)


Above are a few examples from different horoscopes for the year. Everything is very clear and accessible, without incomprehensible descriptions and abstruse texts. You will receive a pdf document containing answers to the main topics that interest you. Additionally, we will communicate with you online within an hour (60 minutes). At the consultation, I will tell you in detail about the important points of the horoscope for the year and answer your questions.

This yearly horoscope takes into account the individual influences of the planets and their transits for 12 months. Each month is calculated based on data from your birth chart. Detailed analysis of each month and events that may occur.

What information does a full report include?

  • Description of the general direction of development in the period of 12 months from the date of birth
  • Analysis of the transit periods of all planets + possible impacts on the quality of life
  • Convenient infographics for each month + dangerous and favorable days of the month
  • Recommendations on how to harmonize the influence of the planets during this year
  • Specific analysis of your chosen area of ​​life (on request)
What is included in the horoscope for a year
  • Construction and brief analysis of your natal chart (horoscope of birth)
  • Description of all important events based on planetary transits
  • Online consultation (60min)
  • Opportunity to ask clarifying questions within a month after the consultation

What is solar useful for?

There is an important meeting coming up. You open the calendar and choose the most successful day and time, which, according to your personal horoscope, promise positive results. If on this day it is not possible to come to a meeting, arrange a conference call or transfer to the next favorable day. The likelihood that the result will be positive increases dramatically. Verified thanks to dozens of real users of my calendars.

Are you planning to buy a property or a car? Choose the period that is favorable for large purchases. If there is no suitable date in the near future, write to me and I will help you choose.

Personal horoscope for a year in the modern world

Our ancestors did almost everything according to the horoscope for a year: the conception of children, the beginning of building a house, training, harvesting and many other events. Over time, this knowledge was lost and only formal planning remained. For example, on Monday headlong to work, on Wednesday training, and on Saturday we celebrate another birthday. The perception of the month has narrowed down to an advance payment and a paycheck, and we perceive the year by events when we don’t have to work (New Year, Independence Day, etc.).

Who will benefit from such a horoscope:

  1. Gives useful information about events for a specific year of life at any age
  2. Shows the likelihood of strengthening relationships with a partner. And vice versa, the dangers that may lie in wait in your personal life
  3. Helps business people make informed financial decisions by looking at their favorable and unfavorable planetary transit throughout the year, thus shifting the risk/reward ratio in their favor
  4. Describes career prospects in a particular year. Opportunities for growth are expressed in terms of promotion in the same position or a transition with an increase in remuneration and a better position
  5. Useful for students taking competitive examinations in a year as it shows the level of assistance they can receive from the planets during that period
  6.  Warns you in advance when a bad period for health will come. To enable you to take the necessary precautions regarding nutrition and lifestyle
  7. Indicates the best periods for buying real estate and vehicles. As well as periods when large investments or expenses should be avoided.

How to order a solarium or a personal horoscope for a year

The cost is $150. For this price, you get:

  • personal horoscope of upcoming events within 12 months from the birthday
  • a calendar of events on all important planetary transits during this period and how they can affect your life
  • consultation in which direction the main development will take place
  • a brief overview of the periods of the planets in the coming year and support on issues related to choosing a good day for various events
  • Also my support on issues related to the interpretation of calendar events within a month from the moment of ordering in any messenger (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, FB).

Terms of calculations 2-3 days .


Solar can be ordered as a gift certificate to a friend or colleague. Many regular customers use the annual service. The results are well worth the money spent!


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