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Astrologer’s consultation

Общий гороскоп для знаков зодиака

Astrological consultation is very different from the general astrological forecasts that are usually written in the columns of newspapers and magazines. Such forecasts are called sun sign astrology and come down to your solar zodiac sign. That is, the sign of the constellation in which the Sun was located on the day of your birth. The change of the solar sign of the zodiac occurs in the middle of each month and lasts until the middle of the next month.

Accordingly, there would be 12 different types of characters on the planet, but fortunately this is not the case. Such “astro-forecasts” on solar signs give very limited and low-value information, ignoring the time and place of a person’s birth. Namely, the exact time and position of a person at the time of birth determines the individual characteristics of the individual. Each person is characterized by an ascending sign of the zodiac, represented in his character by a set of certain qualities. However, you probably noticed that even twins born on the same day, but with a difference of a couple of minutes, have different characters and abilities. That is why an astrologer’s consultation can provide personalized and accurate information about the subtle facets of your personality, hidden talents and prospects.

Free consultation with an astrologer

For a long time I did the first consultation for free. However, many people were not serious about the work done. Often this approach is the result of free knowledge when people do not value it. Such knowledge does not bring people any benefit in the end, but takes away the opportunity to help those who are really ready.

At the moment, I conduct preliminary consultations for free. This approach has worked remarkably well. It gives you the opportunity to ask all your questions before ordering a full astrological consultation. You can easily contact me through the request button below. If necessary, we can call, but after you send me a brief summary of your request.   




What is it – consultation of a professional astrologer and who needs it?

Consulting with an experienced astrologer is a great way to uncover and become aware of your inner motives, unconscious beliefs, the causes of strange behavior and reactions. If you want to change your life for the better, then consulting an astrologer is the first step to making real changes in your destiny. Only a complete analysis of the birth chart opens up the opportunity to see the many storylines that make us who we are. This is where the astrologer can be especially helpful, as he applies his experience and ability to recognize patterns in astrological combinations. Weighing and revealing the total meaning of many interconnected celestial points. The services of an astrologer can be indispensable in situations where:

  • you consciously plan your life
  • face a choice in an ambiguous situation
  • Do you want to deepen your desires?
  • look for methods and ways to harmonize relationships
  • just want to be happier

Why book a consultation with a trusted astrologer?

Astrologer's consultationIt is impossible to predict exactly what event will happen or what kind of people you will meet at any given time in your life. However, astrology can very accurately predict which energies (eg exciting, invigorating, stressful, calming) in which areas (eg work, family, friends, love life, study) may be experienced.

In addition, it is impossible to accurately predict how a person will live his life or what his personality will be just by looking at his map. Depending on how aware a person is of their own intrinsic motivations, emotions, and mental habits. As well as their openness to transformation and seeking relief from suffering. The same card can be implemented in different ways. That is why the personal consultation of an astrologer is the key to all the doors of consciousness, and realization in the material world will come from it.

The main directions of astrological consultations:

Realization in life Will I be able to realize my life potential? What obstacles await me on the path of life? Will I be able to realize myself abroad? What are the chances of becoming successful in society? Love and relationships What are the chances of meeting a soul mate? How to build a strong and friendly family? How compatible are we in marriage? What can/should be done to strengthen the existing union? How to let go of jealousy and forgive mistakes?

Career or business What suits me better: to be employed or to start my own business? What direction in choosing a profession is more successful for me? What skills should be emphasized at work? In what niche to build a business? Financial well-being Where to look for the main income? When will my financial situation improve and what needs to be done for this? What areas will generate the most income? How suitable are credit schemes or borrowed funds for me?

Family and children Will we have children and when? How to get pregnant if it doesn’t work for a long time? How can I unleash my child’s talents? What can be done to strengthen relationships with children? How is my personal success related to my relationship with my parents? Changes and moving Which country suits me best? Is it possible for me to move to live abroad? Will I be able to realize my plans outside the Motherland? When am I most likely to move to another country?

Health What can be done to improve and maintain health? Which diet suits my body constitution from birth? What exercises or healing methods are most effective for me? During what periods of life can there be health problems?

Online consultation with an astrologer

Nowadays, online consultations are gaining more and more popularity. There are many astrological services dealing with astrology online, but they do not have the most important thing – the intuition of a living person. Therefore, they can be considered nothing more than entertainment. People from different countries order online consultations from me (there are even a few from India). Online consultation is very convenient . Especially if we are in different countries and time zones. I conduct many consultations in virtual rooms, access and wiretapping of which is simply technically impossible, and this is important for clients to whom I provide astrological support online. 

Also, an online consultation with an astrologer is very convenient for showing a screen where I show various combinations on the map, it helps many people to understand the situation differently and see their specific solutions. 


How does the consultation process work?

An astrological consultation is your chance to talk about you! Seeing an astrologer is more than just planning your future, it’s a great way to learn what motivates you and why. By consulting an astrologer, you will learn more about yourself and how to make the most of your opportunities. You can ask specific questions or get an idea of ​​the coming year just for you. An astrologer’s consultation takes place in the form of a friendly conversation, helping you to reach your full potential! Technically it looks like this:

1. Leave a request 2. Receive confirmation to the specified email. the address 3. Choose the time and format of communication (skype, viber, etc) 4. Get a pdf with key answers from the conversation


What does the astrologer’s answer include?

It all depends entirely on your question. The answer of an astrologer can be in the form of: a conversation / consultation, or a text in pdf format, or a clear program of action. Example No. 1  Question: “What profession to choose?”. Answer:   You will receive a text document that will describe the hidden abilities and talents. We will also be able to have a conversation where I will answer related questions. Example No. 2  Question: “How to improve health.” Answer:  Skype consultation where I will tell you the causes of your diseases + you will receive specific recommendations on nutrition (Ayurveda) and some exercises.

What information is needed to consult an astrologer?

To build an individual horoscope, you need accurate information about: the date, place and time of your birth. This is a very important part of preparing for an astrological consultation. A slip in time, even for 10 minutes, will show a map of a different personality, which is why the accuracy of the time of birth is so important. Often, the approximate time is known, which is written on the tag from the hospital. That’s enough, then I can calculate your exact time of birth. If you do not know the exact time of birth, then I will ask you to fill out a special questionnaire, thanks to which we can calculate the time within one ascending sign, and this will already provide enough information for the first consultation.

How much does an astrologer’s consultation cost?

The cost of the consultation varies depending on the complexity of the calculations and the amount of work to analyze the situation. Sometimes 3-4 hours are enough for me to build a map and form an answer. And sometimes it takes a couple of days. For your convenience and understanding, I have indicated prices for some types of consultations. You can find it on this page. 


What do you get after an astrological consultation:

  • a detailed analysis of the causes and consequences of events that interest you in life
  • clarification of issues of interest in an accessible language (without incomprehensible technical terms)
  • clear recommendations on what needs to be done to achieve a positive result
  • specific timeframes for taking action
  • support after the consultation (additional clarifications on the issues that were discussed during the consultation)

How to book a consultation

Everything is simple! Formulate in your head a couple of questions to which you want to get a detailed answer. Write them down on paper and circle the most important one. Then click the button below.

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You do not need to pay anything yet, just leave a request and I will contact you.