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Amulets and talismans with precious stones

My interest in jewelry art combines the skill of individual production of esoteric jewelry  with the Vedic knowledge of the selection  of precious  stones according to the horoscope. Thanks to this mixture, strong protective amulets, amulets and talismans are obtained. 

Each product is unique, because in nature there are no two identical gems. I draw inspiration for my work from traveling around Asia and in meditation. Many are made by order of my regular customers to solve certain problems related to spiritual practices . Charms and amulets are an integral part not only of Slavic culture, but of all peoples of the world. A Slavic amulet for good luck or an amulet for protection are used very intensively these days for a specific solution to real life situations.


Order a talisman for health

We solve the problem: “Improve health.”

7 gems by chakrasGemstones have tremendous energy that can heal diseases and keep your energy body healthy.

To make an amulet that will improve your health, I need an energy map for your chakras (example in the picture below).

Such an aura photo can be taken in almost any big city. If you come across a good specialist, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the state of energies in the body. As a rule, the photo of the aura confirms the presence of problems in the physical body, because. all diseases begin in our consciousness, then thicken in the subtle body (the state of which partially reflects the photo of the aura) , and then the disease manifests itself in the physical body.


Photo of human aura

In this way we recognize the quality of energy in that part of the body where the disease manifested itself. Then we will be able to choose the form, quality of metal and stones, which will be engaged in the healing of energies in your body.

Also, I will calculate the favorable time when to start wearing jewelry + I will prepare recommendations for the compatibility of medical jewelry with other metals and stones. This is important because not all stones and metals are combined when worn on the body at the same time.

The price of the jewelry will depend on what materials you choose (gold or silver). The cost of my work ranges from 90 to 150 USD. (mainly depends on the complexity of the design).

Заказать дизайн украшения


Order an amulet – jewelry

We solve the problem: “Stylish, individual and works only for me.”


To make a jewelry amulet, I will need your birth data (year, month, day, time, city, country) .

I will draw up your horoscope and, based on the data from it, I will offer options that will work just for you.

If you have your own vision of what the decoration should be, then we will combine the data from the horoscope with your wishes.

In any of the options, it will be an individual “jewelry amulet” , which combines aesthetic beauty or brutality  (here at will) with the qualities of an energy amulet made of precious metals and stones.

If you look into history, we will see that all the great personalities wore a personal amulet. It could be a jewel in the crown, which protected the ruler from the evil eye. Warriors of the past put on an amulet before the battle on the neck, which was hidden under the shirt. Mystics and talented people of their eras wore rings. Few people pay attention to this, because. the knowledge of how to use amulets is practically lost.

What is an amulet and how to use it 

  • you will feel special
  • it is a creative process in which you are the main participant
  • the decoration will be in a single copy in the world
  • it will fill the gaps in the weak points of consciousness and body with its energy
  • its uniqueness will emphasize your individuality and sense of taste

The price of the jewelry will depend on what materials you choose (gold or silver). The cost of my work ranges from 150 to 250 USD. (mainly depends on the complexity of the design).

Заказать дизайн украшения


Order amulet – jewelry

We solve the problem: “Amulet to protect or attract positive energy”

A charm is a personal artifact that is created to solve your specific task. It could be anything:

  • protection of the emotional background (mental health) from the influences of the external environment or a group of people
  • assistance in solving financial problems,  removes barriers to project implementation
  • revealing talents and skills, working with the vibrations of the creative chakra
  • harmonization of the inner world, a balancer for harmonizing the energies of the subtle body
  • career growth, helps to move more confidently in the profession
  • activation of female or male energy to attract a partner


The power of the amulet lies in the ritual that is performed to activate it. It sounds magical and almost unrealistic, but if you delve into the process and draw information from reliable sources, then doubts will be dispelled. For the manufacture of magical amulets, I use the knowledge of sacred geometry and secret signs, which are described in the texts of our Aryan ancestors.

We perceive up to 80% of information from the surrounding world through the organ of vision , this is the key to working with our consciousness. A correctly calculated and executed symbol bypasses the filters of the mind and works directly with consciousness. On the basis of this principle, many methods of healing the body and clarifying the mind work. A personal amulet works as a secret sign that recognizes the consciousness of the owner and begins to act according to the program laid down in the amulet.

For example. The task before the amulet is the following: Attracting a worthy partner in life.

In this case, based on the data of your appearance on this planet, a birth chart is calculated, which indicates the reasons blocking the manifestation of female energy, or the energy that blocks the normal functioning of the “attractive harmon”.

Next , the sacred geometric model and symbolism inside the amulet is calculated. The time of the activation ritual + method is selected (mantra reading, processing with special materials, etc.).  After that, the amulet begins to work in such a way that the hostess, without any extra effort, shows her tenderness, femininity, which attracts the opposite sex.

Over time, the manifestation of femininity will become a natural behavior and the amulet can be used either in rare special cases when the energy of its vibrations will be needed to support.

The price of the jewelry will depend on what materials you choose (gold or silver). The cost of my work depends on the complexity of the design.

Заказать дизайн украшения

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