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Astrological consulting online. Sacred jewelry can change your destiny.

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A few words about myself
Namaste, dear friend

My name is Roman

I gave first astrological consultation 9 years ago. Since that time I practice a healthy lifestyle, travel to the holy places of the planet and teach yoga. As a hobby, I create jewelry with esoteric symbols and precious stones.


One of the most important goals in my life is to serve people by spreading the knowledge of our ancestors about how to live with dignity in harmony with nature and other people. How to deal with your fears and not be afraid of your inner nature. And the most important thing is to get closer to the answer to the question: Who am I and why did I come here?

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Астролог - Роман Тэос

% accuracy of forecasts


years of experience in astrology


personal consultations


hours in meditation

Astrological services
Birth chart reading (individual horoscope)
Birth chart reading (individual horoscope)

You get an individual horoscope and a detailed analysis of important life issues (directions of development, karmic restrictions, dates of major changes in life).

Astrological analysis of business or profession (finance + work)
Astrological analysis of business or profession (finance + work)

Get answers on business development (when to launch a new idea, investment prospects, debt recovery). As well as specific recommendations on options for changing or choosing a profession.

Birth chart reading (individual horoscope)
Children's horoscope (reading a child's card)

I determine the nature and personality type of your child + clarify the key directions of the child's development (hidden talents, possible behaviors and their reasons).

Author's jewelry
Author's jewelry

I make jewelry with esoteric elements according to individual design (protective amulets, spiritual symbols, amulets from precious metals).

Helping to select proper gems
Helping to select proper gems

According to your horoscope, I select stones that have a beneficial effect on fate and health. I give recommendations on what shape and color will work for you.

Art casting
Art casting

I create interior items from various materials for spiritual practices and concentration (various symbols and objects made of brass or bronze).

My advantages
Personal experience

I check most of the techniques and methods of correction for health, relationships and development on personal experience

I trust the primary sources

I take the calculation methods and interpretation of the results from ancient primary sources or from translations of authoritative masters in astrology

Support after consultation

Always available by email or skype for any clarifying questions after consultation. I deal with critical situations out of turn

Lifetime Jewelry Warranty

All jewelry is made of high quality materials, so the warranty is lifetime

My sacred jewelry