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Child’s horoscope

A child is a young sprout of a tree that has great potential. The parent is a How to develop a child?gardener who must understand exactly how to take care of the sprouts. the right approach will allow you to educate them so that healthy and beautiful trees grow out of them. The horoscope of the child by date of birth helps to get to know the child more deeply. The sign of the zodiac under which the child was born will help to reveal the nature of the baby.

More than 80% of adults, at the consultation, confirm that the relationship with their parents is “not very good” , and in most cases pressure from parents was the key reason.

It is absolutely normal when parents want their children not to repeat their mistakes. So that the child, using the experience of the elders, solves life situations easier. Sincere and pure desire from the depths of the heart of a loving parent. However, it must be backed up by knowledge of the nature and character of your child. It is under this condition that the efforts made by the parent will be perceived and will give good results.

A horoscope for a child allows you to clearly determine:

  • ascending zodiac sign of your child (“eastern zodiac sign”, it is useful to know the basic characteristics of the sign under which the baby was born, as this will help to understand the basis of character and range of interests)
  • analysis of the nature and type of personality (what causes the main behavior patterns, what the inner world of the child is formed from)
  • information about hidden talents (areas of life in which it is possible to succeed)
  • main karmic tasks  (what the soul intended to embody in this life)
  • what weaknesses in health (during what periods of life they will manifest themselves most noticeably)
  • ways to build trust with your child
  • what types of professional activities are closest to the nature of the child
  • in which direction to develop a child so that he grows up as a happy and harmonious personality ( recommendations and specific methods)
  • compatibility of the desires of parents with the capabilities of the child

“If we want to change something in a child, we must first find out if it would not be better to change something in ourselves.”  Carl Gustav Jung

Why is it important to make a child’s horoscope at an early age?

In everyone’s life there are many examples of a complete discrepancy between childhood activities and later life interests. For example, when a neighbor’s child was forced to play a musical instrument, which he would never need again in life, and he himself works as a physics teacher. Or they signed up for the boxing section so that they could stand up for themselves, and as a result, they were expelled from the educational institution for constant fights.

At almost every consultation, I am asked questions related to the possibility of changing my professional activity or sphere of social activity.

These examples show that choosing the direction of a child ‘s development using the “blind” method is a lottery that parents play with their child. It is much easier and more effective to develop a child when you understand his abilities, desires and potential.


Astrological consultation on the child’s horoscope:

  • analysis of your child’s personal card + important aspects of character
  • cross-analysis of karmic connections with parents (brief analysis of parents’ cards)
  • concrete ways how to build relationships and the process of education
  • Skype conversation + highlights analysis in printed form to your email

Consultation cost:

$100 – no written report, only online conversation

$150 – online conversation + written report

Procedure:  write me  a request ⇒ pay ⇒ agree on a consultation time

Horoscope for a child

Examples of visualization of analysis according to the children’s horoscope


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