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Astro compatibility of partners | Love compatibility by date of birth

An important role in choosing a life partner is played by the compatibility of partners in the horoscope. Compatibility chart shows the key points of contact along the life path. The astrologer helps to determine common interests, as well as calculate the compatibility of partners. From my practice, everything is not as simple as it may seem to loving eyes, and a good compatibility analysis helps to create a strong alliance. It is also very important to choose a date for concluding a strong and happy union.

Question number 1 – “When will I get married?” – the most frequently asked question!

wedding rings on hands

Question number 2 – “Should I make / accept an offer or ..?” is an equally frequently asked question.

Question number 3 – “Can we restore the shaken relationship?” – Very relevant.

Relationships are a very interesting and deep topic. Life is filled with different events and it is extremely necessary for us to have someone or someone nearby with whom we can share our emotions, ask for help or offer our own.

In Vedic astrology, a huge section is devoted to this topic. We live on Earth and the most important task that we must solve throughout our lives is to learn to build relationships at all levels: family, society, work, leisure, nature and the Universe

Compatibility of partners by external signs

It is very reckless to think that by taking care of your body and showing it to others, you will be able to attract a worthy partner into your life. In Western countries, the cult of the body reached its apogee when naked bodies were allowed to be shown in public. Divorce statistics show 73% in the United States and are as follows: about 41% of first marriages break up, 60% of second marriages, and for third marriages this figure reaches 73%. These figures very clearly reflect the depth of this delusion.

The divorce rate in India does not exceed 1% . India statistics for 2019

In India, marriage is regarded as a religious sacrament, and in such a marriage equality of partners is achieved in Dharma (law-abiding, fulfillment of duties), Artha (economic development) , Kama (sensual gratification, including sex) and Moksha (spiritual desire for liberation).

To choose a worthy partner for life, it is very important to know the features of the inner world of your future partner. 


 Partner Compatibility Diagram

This is a special card that reveals all the subtleties of the personality in the field of relationships. In combination with it, I use special techniques for comparing partner cards by which I determine the following aspects that are important for a happy marriage:

  • Life expectancy of both partnerscompatibility_salvator_dali
  • The nature and strategy of building relationships with a partner
  • Reaction and behavior in difficult situations
  • Inner nature and subconscious strivings
  • Co-parenting
  • The well-being of the couple in marriage and the duration of marriage
  • Sexual Compatibility (Activity Level)
  • Mental and social goals
  • Karmic tasks

These indicators are quite enough to determine how compatible the partners are. The most important thing from all this is that even if the percentage of compatibility is small, but having a clear description of the subtle places in the character of a partner, you can build strong and honest relationships for life.

What does the consultation “Compatibility of partners” include:

  • analysis of personal cards of partners + important indicators for compatibility
  • sex / life values ​​/ attitude towards children / stress resistance, etc.
  • specific ways of what to do if there is no compatibility, but I really want to
  • Skype conversation + highlights analysis in printed form to your email

Consultation cost:

$130 – no written report, only online conversation

$180 – online conversation + written report


Examples of what the partner compatibility report looks like:

family creation consulting

If you are at the stage of building a relationship, and are not ready to deeply analyze how to live happily every day with your marriage partner, then a quick analysis is for you. This is a superficial (not to be confused with inaccurate) analysis of the main points of interaction in your characters. Such a forecast is ideal for those who have just started dating or living together. The cost of such an analysis is only $ 80. And you have in your hands a map to the treasures of the soul of a partner))).

Express analysis for partner compatibility


For those who are only aiming between several partners, a compatibility analysis between several applicants is well suited.  It’s not shameful or shameful! And it’s very correct and thoughtful, because. in 90% of cases, the partner’s love vibes can turn your head, and in a year he / she will completely cool off towards you.


Choice between two partners (example of cross analysis):


Заказать анализ совместимости

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