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How to celebrate a birthday

Here I will share with you mystical techniques that explain how to celebrate your birthday in a meaningful and rewarding way. These rituals allow you to receive the blessings of the Higher powers and contribute to the harmonization of the event flow for 12 months from your birthday.

How to celebrate a birthday script

How to find out the time of your birthday?

Actual time of birth shifts every year

Birthday is always a special time of the year. On this day, we are given the opportunity to look back and see how blessed we are. On our birthday, we intuitively increase our gratitude and ask higher powers so that the coming year will be even better and richer. These requests/prayers/wishes have the greatest effect at the moment of birth. It’s actually a rabbit hole in a sense.

We all go through this mystical hole, letting go of the past and holding our breath about the future. At the moment of passing the milestone – we throw off the waste energy and put on a new one. In order for it to fit well, the heritage of our ancestors, which is set out in the Vedas, recommends that we perform a special fitting. And before fitting, let’s determine when this wonderful mystical moment actually occurs.

Date of birth according to the solar calendar

We follow the Gregorian calendar – the movement of the Sun. The sun on a metaphysical level represents the basis of our personality. Our sense of self, basic preferences and ways of our movement in the space of consciousness. Surely, you know your solar zodiac sign and it accurately or not really describes you and your preferences. Based on this information, we supposedly know exactly when our birthday is and the time of birth, but this is not entirely true.

The zodiac system is the most fundamental principle of any astrology. There is a deeper and more ancient level in Vedic astrology – these are nakshatras! These are sectors in the sky that allow you to very accurately determine the qualities of a future personality, but I will talk about this in another video.

Differences of the Gregorian calendar from the reality of time described in Vedic astrology

Today, most people think they know when and how to celebrate their birthday according to the Gregorian calendar (Western method). And the cycle from one birthday to the next birthday is calculated based on the movement of the Sun. It moves from one sign to another every month, which ultimately leads to the cyclicality we are used to. If you were born on October 15, then it is always so, but not quite so!

Vedic astrology uses a more precise way to know your actual moment of birth in each year of your life. It is about this moment, the name of which Tithi (lunar day) is considered to be the most favorable and spiritually beneficial for us.

For example, someone was born on 10/15/1990 at 12.00, then his dr in 2015 falls on 10/14/1990 17.00

If you want to learn how to use this mystical moment in your life to the maximum advantage, I can build your map and calculate the exact day and time for several years ahead.

How to find out the date and time of birth

Find out your exact day and time of birth for 10 years – only $ 20 

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How to celebrate a birthday, ideas

This point in the time-space cycle of your life has mystical potential, so you should use it correctly:

  • Being in a holy or spiritual place
  • Perform the practice of opening consciousness (removing old clothes and picking up new ones) technique below
  • Hand write your plans for the next 12 months

Important! If you are sleeping at this moment or flooding your consciousness with alcohol, the doors for realization are closed.

Day of the week on which the date of birth falls

Every year our birthday falls on a certain day of the week. And each of them sets the general background of events or opportunities that will manifest themselves in this year of life.

Sunday indicates long-distance travel, treatment of diseases of the body, publicity
Monday a year to reevaluate the types of pleasures you enjoy: food, women, family, creativity
Tuesday year of specific struggle, contacts with machinery, vehicles and possible surgeries/injuries
Wednesday you are waiting for great success and achievements in education, a lot of communication and different acquaintances
Thursday receiving blessings from elders, a deeper understanding of the meanings of life, financial opportunities
Friday means you will be lucky this year, home improvement, relax
Saturday shows on topics related to your parents’ questions and slowing down all affairs

Where to celebrate a birthday

I studied a lot of specific literature, as well as scientific works of eminent astrologers of the East on the topic of how a point in space affects the formula of further events. Having brought this information together, I can state with a high degree of confidence that this matters. But only if you perform the ritual.

If we talk about points of power on the planet, then I often met information about the 11th parallel of the Earth. There and the civilization of May in Peru, southern India, Sri Lanka and the mystical island of spirits Bali. Strong realizations take place in these places. But everyone has their own plans for life, and if you want to party and have fun, then you are in Vegas or on the island of Ibiza.

Where to celebrate a birthday

How it works. When our consciousness is at the moment of rebooting the system under certain aspects of energies, we get a strong catalyst. But what if there is no opportunity to visit the place where you want to celebrate your birthday? Then you can do it at home, but you need to prepare it. To do this, you should clean the physical space with wet cleaning, then light candles and burn incense. Sit in silence and focus on your development plan.

How to celebrate a birthday plan

The plan should be built for 12 days, including the birthday itself. It is metaphysically connected to the 12 realms in life. Filling every day with the right things, you get the maximum result throughout the year.

Below I suggest you download a birthday plan for free. In it, I painted in detail every day and the ritual within this day. Of course, everyone can and should adapt it to their own desires. The technique has been tested by hundreds of generations of our ancestors, because taken from ancient writings. If you have any questions about the methods within the plan, write a comment below, I will be happy to answer.

My year development plan

Download personal development plan


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