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Which system is better?

For most of my life, I have consciously practiced various health systems . This was facilitated by upbringing in the parental family and a subconscious attraction to the mystical sciences. Already in my school years, I studied compatibility according to the signs of the horoscope in Jyotish and memorized how the points on the energy channels are located in the system of the acupuncture method of healing Zhen -jiu . All this was transformed into a deep study of the Indian system of healing Yoga  and Chinese traditional medicine with the Qigong system.

Both systems are created for self-improvement, and the ultimate goal of both is the comprehension of the highest Truth by calming the mind.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga online

I am currently teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes online. The Ashtanga Vinyasa style is a dynamic yoga practice that consists of 6 series, each with a clear sequence of assanas. This is very convenient. after several sessions, the practitioner does not need to constantly be distracted and look at the teacher, which means that personal practice will be deeper and more effective each time. This system was developed in 1948. Master Pattabhi Jois.

This direction of yoga is designed in such a way that the practitioner memorizes a clear sequence of asanas, which does not change from class to class and due to this is not distracted once again by the teacher, which keeps the concentration on breathing and sensations inside the body. This approach in yoga gradually leads to the highest results in yoga.

The first two series are preparatory and perform the function of cleansing and healing the body. The next four series are intended for those who already feel the subtle bodies and work with them. In my classes we practice the first two, so they are suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Ashtanga yoga online, class 90 minutes

Ashtanga yoga online

Yoga online 90 minutes every Saturday at 06:30 Kyiv time

The cost of the lesson is $5. Subscription for 1 month (12 lessons) $50.

Записаться на полное занятие 90 минут


Qigong classes online

Jun Yuan Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of self-regulation and healing. An effective method of energy-information communication with the outside world and the Universe. The Qi Gong system uses the same concepts and principles that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on. Basic concepts of energy channels and bioactive points on the surface of the body, the doctrine of the vital energy Qi flowing in these channels, the interaction of two opposite principles Yin and Yang and  the doctrine of the
five primary elements of Wu Xing .

In the Jun Yuan Qi Gong system of exercises, work occurs not by mechanical or thermal influence through points with needles or cauterization, as in TCM, but by working with the body in clearly prescribed static and dynamic postures, special breathing, self-massage of individual areas and figurative representation or imagination, t i.e. work with the help of consciousness. The Grand Master of the system is Xu Mingtang , who represents the line of succession from the Guardians of the Shaolin Monastery.

Qigong classes online

Complete session lasting 45 minutes. Every Tuesday and Friday at 6:20 Kyiv time.

The cost of the lesson is $5.

Записаться на занятие Ци Гун 60 мин

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