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Destiny number 3 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 3. Destiny number three. Birth number: 3, 12, 21 and 30

Destiny number 3Three has a special place in numerology. A bright representative of the family of odd numbers, which makes them: courageous, active, hardworking and reliable. If the three is strong, then it gives a person discipline, confidence and popularity.

These are people who always care about the welfare of others. And those, others, usually use their help, money and do not even grace the top three properly. But the truth is that the numbers 3 help even their enemies, people of the number 6. To which the latter respond with continuous difficulties. They will help everyone who comes to them. Threes love to be at the forefront and leave behind something worthwhile that everyone will remember!

Destiny number 3 combines: the originality and self-sufficiency of the number 1 with the love of communication of the number 2. And this combination becomes the basis of the desire for self-expression.

The subconscious motto of the trio: self-expression, giving joy, a free artist!

Cunning partners usually manipulate number 3 people with their greed. But not to material goods, but to opportunities for self-realization in society. They are rarely interested in beautiful outfits, because they believe that clothes are just a vital necessity. But appearance is important for them because it is an opportunity to express themselves. Therefore, they often dress fashionably, catch the eye, “play for the public.”

Destiny number three – what is unique?

Destiny number 3 never seeks help from others. Their only weakness is selfishness. Because of this, they lose many opportunities in life. Often conservatives love old customs and traditions. Hence, they hesitate when it comes to circumventing or breaking the rules. Putting honor before their lives, they work hard to keep it. They are afraid of criticism from others, so they often do the work of others. Often in life they use the words “Conscience”, “Fate”, “Honesty”.

People whose destiny number is 3 love their freedom. They enjoy holding positions of honor such as administrator or chairman. Even if the salary is low. Any money that falls into their hands will be spent on the beauty of the house or other property. They never worry about saving for needs.

These people are very devoted, spiritual and benevolent. Analyzing the numbers from the date of birth will reveal their talent in a particular field. The destiny number 3 is patriotic and does not hesitate to give one’s life for one’s country. Although they look unapproachable, when others recognize them, they will see a soft and pure heart. But triplets born with a weak influence of Jupiter fall into the abyss of debt. They will get confused in unnecessary things because of their frivolity. Some will even have their share of love failures.

They love snacking and continue to drink tea or coffee even when they are full. They have this trait from the ruler of the number 3 – Jupiter (Guru in Sanskrit).

Planet ruler number 3

Destiny number 3 - Fidel CastroLord Brihaspati, Guru of the Devas, (Jupiter) is the ruler of number 3. Number 3 people are good at guiding others, instructing others for their benefit. The ancient asrology says: “The gaze of the Guru brings a million good fortune.” Thus, the guidance of the number 3 will help and benefit all other numbers in their lives. Number 3s think they must be the smartest and most well-read beings on the planet and study hard. They also like to seek power and wield it benevolently. They like discipline in everything. They will be honest and loyal to their employees and reliable partners. Troikas work in good conscience and therefore are quickly promoted.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Gives strength and support in the 4th house and is very weakened in the 10th house. You can find out how your planet is located from your personal birth chart .

Destiny number 3 – character traits

Threes tend to form a circle of enemies due to their harsh nature. Some even show arrogance. They do not dare to praise others, more often act as a harsh critic. Their key words are decency, culture and discipline, therefore they are hardworking themselves. If the strength of their numbers is weak, others will usurp their merit and promotion. The number 3 gives the world good teachers and professors. They strongly believe in the traditions, religion and culture they follow. Conservatives, because they see only flaws in new ways and changing cultural norms. Rarely 100% accept the opinion of others. Words such as God, Destiny and Justice often appear in their speech.

Despite all the strictness and severity of the image, the triples are always a welcome guest. Due to their artistic innate talents, these individuals are full of passion. Like the sun, which, coming out from behind the clouds, automatically brings a smile and a good mood.

Such a split between the desired image and internal forces can cause unstable mental states. Threes are able to strengthen themselves through yoga or qigong. 

Destiny number 3 – career

Representatives of the destiny number 3 do not like short cuts to success. They will not take on work that does not suit their talents and position, no matter how beautiful it may be. Because they really care about their status, others will look at them as heartless leaders. The number 3 easily wins recognition and fame in society. Consequently, they do not seek profit in their work. Usually the number 3 does well in school and university.

Destiny number 3 - Maria SharapovaWhen the strength of the number is small, their confidence fails them. They doubt themselves and are afraid to take steps to discover their talent. This is the reason why many number 3s fail to rise in their lives. Debts and cunning people will complicate the work of a person with a destiny number of 3. Realizing all of the above, the triples should strengthen the power of the Guru (Jupiter). And work responsibly, without going to extremes. As a result, it will bring them prosperity, government support, career advancement.

Threes don’t come with random troubles . Any problem they face is the result of their actions in the past. If they accept with a smile everything that life brings according to karma, then many delusions will come down to zero!

Career success for the number three

For material success, the number three needs to stop spending money on useless things. It is also undesirable to gamble, horse race and lottery.
Since the number 6 is their enemy number , number 3 people should not buy or own real estate in their own name. This will bring them problems later. Therefore, they can buy them in the name of their wives or as joint property.

The numbers 3 are suitable for intellectual work. They often work in the civil service or government. Politics is a good field for people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th days. They also get jobs in social organizations. Control comes naturally to them. They are often great managers who want to do the right thing. They are excellent speakers and brilliant at analyzing and researching history, culture and traditions.

This number does not like to earn in nefarious ways. Thanks to this quality, respected lawyers, security officials, religious leaders, bankers and outstanding athletes are obtained from them. They are also interested in astrology, mantras and tantric techniques.

Business opportunities for triplets

When running their business, triples are advised to always keep the “right price” in mind and not be greedy. A super tool for business development is charity. If they monthly give from 2-10% of their net income to the development of knowledge and spiritual places, their business will never go bankrupt.

They have a natural propensity to learn. Age is never a deterrent! Therefore, they continue to learn something new throughout their lives.

It is said that people born under the vibrations of the three in order to keep their promises, and work very hard for this. Therefore, they are worthy and reliable people.

Destiny number 3 – compatibility in friendship and marriage

Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th, 9th, 18th and 27th, as well as people with the sum of birth dates 3 and 9, are good friends and partners for the number three. The number 2 is also beneficial to them. But people of the number 1 are useful, but in the long run the relationship is short-lived.

People with birthdays of 6 and 8, and people with birth dates of 6 and 8, use the numbers 3. Therefore, people with numbers 3 should be very careful when dealing with people of numbers 6 and 8.

Marriage Compatibility

Threes form a successful alliance with those whose birth dates are 3 and 9, as well as their sums (21, 18, etc.). In this situation, their life will be happy and peaceful. They can also marry people with a date of 2 or its sum. Twos can get along very well with threes.

Weak Jupiter delays the wedding. If he is in conjunction with Saturn, the Sun, Rahu or Ketu or in opposition to them, then the marriage of those who have Gemini or Virgo in the ascendant ends in divorce. This arrangement of the planets creates an obstacle to marriage.

In general, it is said that it is not easy for triples to have a strong love relationship. Very often because of the unwillingness of the latter to leave their cultural comfort zone. But acting in good conscience will be rewarded with a good partner.

Destiny number 3 – health

Skin problems are the main problem of these people. The liver is located on this meridian, which creates this problem with improper nutrition. As a result, they suffer from diseases such as indigestion, obesity, constipation and bowel problems. They often suffer from shortness of breath and psoriasis.

They should include lemon, gooseberries, and green leafy vegetables in their diet. They are full of vitamins that strengthen their immunity. Be sure to do unloading days such as fasting on Ekadashi and cleansing the gastrointestinal tract by fasting . Definitely need to monitor the condition of the liver and gallbladder. And also you need to eat and drink from silver dishes.

Jupiter Yantra – Destiny Number Three

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The nature of those born on the 3rd

These individuals are excellent thinkers, philosophers. They realize their talent well and become experts in their chosen field, for example, in the natural sciences. Most often it is: like writing, poetry, cinema, engineering and mathematics. They have a rather difficult first half of life, but they can only expect their life to change for the better after the age of 21.

The nature of those born on the 12th

It is said that these souls are born for a lonely life. Or to solve your life goals alone, for example. Parents are often weakly supportive, other relatives are similar. Personalities born on the 12th have a “silver tongue” with which they charm and are able to chatter anyone.

Their parents will suffer financially in their youth. Thus, who was born on the 12th, from a young age, life is not easy. They will pay their own tuition and earn a living. If they work honestly and hard, they can get high positions in science or jurisprudence.

The nature of those born on the 21st

Those born on the 21st are self-centered people. They will only work for their own benefit. At an early age, they face many ups and downs. But they quickly learn from their own experience. They will work hard in life and overcome their failures. Which in most cases come in middle age. They have a desire to reach serious heights. This desire will bring them fame and fortune. Writing and journalism are good fields for them.

They will use their experiences to lead fruitful and happy lives in their later years. Here the magic of the Moon two (number 2) and the Sun unit (number 1) is involved. As a result of right efforts, they unite and improve life in later years.

The nature of those born on the 30th

People whose birthday is the 30th are very talented individuals. They work for their own pleasure and no one else. They love to dig deep and know everything about anything. They are daredevils when it comes to something dangerous and serious.

But their financial situation will not be stable as long as they spend money recklessly. They like the activities of detectives, spies and couriers. They will always be respected. They like to be alone while thinking about a task. They often go into politics. Many become bald or gray early. Do well in studies.

lucky days for number three

Days 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27 and 30 bring good luck. Similarly, the sum of the dates giving 3 and 9 also favors them.
They should avoid days and dates that add up to 6 and 8, such as 6, 8, 15, 17, 24, and 26.

Gems for the fate number three

Yellow sapphire is the luckiest stone. But, this stone has tremendous power, so wear it only after consulting a specialist . Good luck is also brought to them by citrine gems and yellow amber.

Lucky Colors:  Pink is the best color for the number 3. Purple and shades of blue are great. Golden clothes bring good luck. Yellow also brings good luck. Therefore, gold is the preferred metal. But they should avoid wearing colors like blue, black and green.

  • ruling planet – Jupiter
  • lucky numbers: 3, 5, 9,12,14,18, 21, 23, 27 and 30
  • lucky days: thursday and monday
  • lucky months: march, september and december
  • gemstone and metal: yellow sapphire, citrine, yellow amber, gold metal
  • color: pink, yellow, gold and orange, as well as related warm colors in this range
  • direction and symbol: northeast, elephant, tiger, gold jewelry, ivory tusk
  • scents and flowers: frangipani, mogra, jasmine, sandalwood, benzoin, white dampwood, henna or warja tree oil
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 6, 15 and 24
  • interfering colors: like blue, black and green.

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