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Destiny number 8 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 8. Destiny number eight. Birth number: 8, 17 and 26

numerology 8Characteristics of destiny number eight: career, personal life, lucky days, lucky colors and gems.

The mental vibration of the number eight is power, control, success and material independence. People whose fate number is eight clearly understand that this world needs not only inventors, actors, workers, but also managers. One of the important internal attitudes of these people is the embodiment of order, law and productivity in society. Eight represents the vibration of success, which they achieve through business qualities and aspiration to high moral goals.

But in nature, a balance of energies must be maintained. That is why each number has two levels of vibrations: the highest (subtle, blissful) and the lowest (rough, selfish).

Two vibration levels of destiny number eight

  • at the highest level of vibration, it gives a person a sense of justice, the ability to cooperate, find solutions in difficult situations; manifest your spirituality through the material plane;
  • the lower level causes the personality to abuse power and position; act solely for their own purposes; achieve head-to-head results;
The ruler of the number eight is the planet Saturn

Saturn is the ruler of number 8The Vedas say that the planet Saturn is blessed by Lord Shiva. Unlike other planets, the planet Saturn is not easily satisfied with mere pleas for help. He distributes the fruits of karmic deeds. Acts as an incorruptible prosecutor and judge rolled into one. Absolutely impartially judges everyone in accordance with his karma from past actions. Therefore, each person will feel its influence several times in their own skin. These periods are called Sade-sati, which lasts 7.5 years and during this period, incredible changes in life occur.

Especially closely Saturn watches over its wards, i.е. lyulmi, whose fate or name number is 8. It’s like going to school, where your very strict father holds a managerial position. With you, the demand will be twice as strict. Therefore, eights often face tangible difficulties in their lives. Both physical and moral.

As a rule, the first half of life is twice as difficult, up to about 30 years. Anything can happen here, from misunderstanding of peers, to giving from close people. But on the other hand, the number 8 gives them a lot of self-confidence to fight alone and fight quite hard. Such trials help them to see new ways, solutions and achievements.

Thanks to their hard work, eights earn a good name and income after 45 years. And this happens precisely because of the experience gained in the first half of life. Saturn, like a strict teacher, gives a load through trials, which in modern times leads to material or spiritual enlightenment.

Destiny number 8 – character traits

Many of the eights are born in good conditions or even in wealth. But their minds will always buzz with this or that pain, like a bee in a pot. They often keep their minds in a state of mental pain. They come up with various reasons for this, ranging from lack of physical comfort to love sadness. At the same time, they can openly say that love cannot be found for free.

The sources of internal dissatisfaction can be very different: they either want something to be better, or they hold on to some regret. They may worry that they do not have children or vice versa that they have too many children. They come up with a story for themselves that the partner is not perfect, and friends are too selfish, etc.

Therefore, people usually avoid numbers: 8, 17 and 26. And often they do not hold any favorable events on these days. The scriptures say: those born on days 8, 17, 26, as well as people with a destiny number of 8 and people with a name number of 9, at some point in their lives fall into disfavor with higher powers.Andrew Carnegie - destiny number eight

But never despair! Regardless of the strength of the difficulties, the number 8 can fix most problems. For this, various rituals, gems and other catalysts for success are successfully used. World history reveals to us many great people, successful businessmen and leaders with a destiny number of 8.

They have spiritual convictions; many of them fully believe in God. They either strongly support their religion or hate it passionately.

The strength of the character of the eight

People born under the number 8 have unwavering strength when it comes to their goals and dreams. No matter what obstacles they face, they still continue to overcome difficulties. Even though they appear tough and harsh, they are kind to the downtrodden and help anyone who asks for it.

These people can often do social service when they can. They also work tirelessly in their lives. People who suddenly give up their position, job, family and social causes are usually referred to as the number 8. They feel lonely all over the world.

Whether it is family life or social life, their life will drag back and forth due to the influence of Saturn. Any planet that occupies the 8th position in the astrological charts becomes malefic and pours out problems to the corresponding Zodiac Sign. That is why people who have a destiny number of eight become great philosophers, leaders or religious teachers.

The uniqueness of the number 8

People usually misunderstand the number 8, but it is a number of great opportunities. Even its shape signifies the symbol of Infinity, the mathematical representation of God.
In fact, the number 8 is the basis of the life and progress of people. When 8 is the number of Destiny, it looks at the person’s karma and bestows upon him accordingly. Any job they take on will be fraught with trouble and delays, but they continue to fight without losing hope and win. They know how to empathize and be helpful to people around them.

Vanga - number of fate 8Thanks to this quality, people of the number eight receive support abroad, but are rarely recognized at home. The number 8 looks like two zeros on top of each other. Therefore, success or failure in their life depends on the quality of actions in the current moment. When they understand this formula, then the fear of fate or karma disappears. A good deed done today determines the fate of tomorrow. Bad deeds are committed through negligence, selfishness in the future develops into a bad fate. As the great Tamil book says, “Our good and bad do not come from others”, our actions determine our destiny.

Since ancient times, people have feared the number 8 in both private and public life. On the one hand, the number brings the king’s luck, kindness, success and fruitful work. But when the eight vibrates at lower frequencies, then it brings turmoil, revolution and crime into society.

The nature of those born on the 8th

Individuals born on the 8th have strong spiritual convictions. They usually have a measured and peaceful life. By nature, they are very creative and deep thinkers. They have the ability to convince other people so confidently that they accept their opinion unconditionally. Thanks to this quality, they are able to easily manipulate others.

Very often interested in social work. Almost always hardworking and achieve greatness. Very economical, but able to lend a helping hand to the poor. They prefer to work alone. They have great chances to lead a team or a society of like-minded people.

The nature of those born on the 17th

These individuals experience a lot of suffering in their lives. They work tirelessly. And somehow, eventually, they will find glory. They have a strong mind, so they are generous and forgive their enemies. They often occupy a strong position in their private, public and political life.

Even if they are born in poverty, they achieve prosperity through personal efforts. They know how to save money. Some of their bold decisions may end in failure. But they can reverse them before others know about it. They make grandiose plans and carry them out. They courageously overcome the difficulties and hardships that come their way.

The nature of those born on the 26th

The number 26 often suffers from financial gaps in life. Their inheritance or original capital may be lost or destroyed. Often this is due to the deception or fraud of others. However, they are lionhearted. Their thoughts are sublime and spiritual. No matter what comes their way, they work hard with the sole purpose of achieving greatness. Their name is often scolded by others. They have a rich imagination and a sharp mind. By the will of fate, they suffer many failures in life. However, in the end they achieve name, fame and prosperity. They are gullible and love everyone equally, which can bring problems on romantic matters.

Destiny number 8 – career

Number 8 – hard workers. If their number is strong, then they succeed in their field; otherwise, they become low-level workers or technicians. With a good combination of name and fate number, they become cool engineers. And if it is weak, then they get a diploma and work as turners or salesmen.

For employment, businesses associated with Saturn, such as heavy transport, mining, are suitable. They are good at driving heavy vehicles, locomotives, cranes. In general, any business related to iron will be very profitable for the number 8. Businesses related to oil, such as gas stations, oil production and sale, are very profitable for them.

Quite often, the number eight occupies the positions of religious leaders, temple administrators, people in charge of rituals and other prominent positions.
They also benefit from the land business. Spheres are excellent: real estate, agriculture, construction, masonry, land management, architect and other related professions. Import/export is suitable for them.

Business opportunity

In the role of businessmen, they become large landowners and topics that are related to agribusiness. They have the potential to become owners of enterprises or large foreign businessmen. When number 8s are completely absorbed in their work, they gain name and prominence in the research and development sectors. Often become famous geologists and archaeologists.

Those who have a weakened number of fate, they resort to crime without fear.

Destiny Number 8 – Marriage Compatibility

The marriage life of the number eights is not very romantic. Therefore, they feel that they have problems in their marriage. Quite often they are closed to their partners. This leads to a separate life both in the material and spiritual sense. They often argue and do not take into account the words and desires of the partner.

Usually the number 8 gets married regardless of race, religion or occasion. But love marriages, especially early ones, do not bring happiness to eights.

If they marry people born under number 1 and number 4, they will be compatible. And also, these people become good friends for the eight. They get along pretty well with the numbers 5, 6 and 8.

But, they should not marry a person born under the number 8. Although friendship is quite possible. But spouses born on the 9th try to dominate them.

Wedding dates must be 1, 6, or the sum of the dates giving these numbers.

Health for destiny number eight

Usually, these people suffer from some form of physical or mental illness. They are often disturbed by ailments of the intestines. Many of them suffer from pelvic pain in childhood. They often suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, headaches and dizziness.

For them, accidental blood infections are not uncommon. Therefore, they are advised to have regular blood tests. They suffer from arthritis and liver disease. To reduce this, strong tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided.

I highly recommend adding lemons, pineapples, bananas and dates to your diet. Eating the leaves of the Augusta tree (Agathi keerai) often provides tremendous health benefits.

Saturn Yantra – destiny number 8

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Lucky Days for the 8

Favorable: 1, 10, 19 and 28 days. The number 5 is able to counteract any troubles due to the number 8, so the days 5, 14, 23 are also favorable. Days that add up to 1 or 5 are also good.

Days 4, 13, 22 and 31 bring good luck on their own. But in those days they should not create any new enterprises. The number 9 also brings them good luck.

Unfavorable days: 8, 17, 26. Dates 2, 11, 20 and 29 and those whose sum is 2 or 8 are also ineffective.

Gems for number 8

Blue sapphire is the luckiest stone. But, this stone has tremendous power, so wear it only after consulting a specialist . Luck is also brought to them by precious stones labradorite and lapis lapis lazuli.

Lucky colors: Yellow is the most lucky color. Dark green and blue colors are of great benefit. It is also recommended to wear blue or yellow clothes when meeting someone important. But black, purple and dark red colors should be avoided .

  • ruling planet – Saturn
  • lucky numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 4, 13, 22, 31, 9, 18, 27
  • lucky days: saturday, sunday, monday
  • lucky months: january, february, april, july, october and november
  • gemstone and metal: blue sapphire, labradorite and lapis lapis lazuli
  • color: yellow, dark green and blue
  • direction and symbol: south, southeast
  • scents and flowers: yellow flowers and lotus
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 17, 26 (but spiritual practice on these dates brings strong results)
  • interfering colors: black, magenta and dark red.

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