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Horoscope Cancer for 2022

The general trend of the 1st half of 2022 for the sign Cancercancer horoscope

Weak/strong points in transits

How to neutralize possible difficulties

Vedic Horoscope for the sign Cancer for 2022

(1st semester)

The ruler of your zodiac sign is the Moon . At the moment of launch, she will be visiting the General of the demigods – Mars in the most esoteric sign of the horoscope – Scorpio.

Ketu will also be there and the banquet will take place on the dark side of the map, so we can say with all confidence that 2022 will be a year of personal transformation. The name of the combination is Kala Amrita Yoga.

Emotional State Formula: Positive, virtuous and quick-tempered . The first semester will encourage you to apply your experience to the proper use of your resources. Such a formula will make it possible to get the maximum benefit from what is happening and leave energy for enthusiasm.

Such a beginning of the year gives a clear message that there will be a strong transformation! Who will hide or do nothing, be prepared for shaking. And those crayfish who realize in time that through this challenge you will only become stronger and this is a cool moment for an evolutionary leap – act!

January 2022 for Cancer

In January, Mercury and Saturn are in the house of relationships, so Cancers will experience some slowdown or cooling in career relationships. There are many planets in the houses associated with health, which indicates the clear dominance of this area in January. The presence of the Sun, which will transit through the houses of health, will give strength to recover normally. Venra will also move there, which will be retrograde in Sagittarius in January. This is about some discomfort from the authorities or the state.

The formula for success in January is the activation of your creative energies. The external manifestation of which will depend on the level of development of the consciousness of Cancer. In the second half of January, Mercury and Venus will be in retrograde…make the most of this time. You will have an extraordinary outlook on events and this is your key.

January 2022 for the sign Cancer

In January 2022, Cancer may have questions:

  • Relationships with work or superiors can be tense
  • Acute activation of material desires
  • Health expenses may arise

In January 2022 Cancers can please:

  • Small adventures thanks to short trips
  • Mental support in family or real estate matters
  • An old dream can come true through friends

Given all of the above, then January 2022 for the Cancer sign is a preparation for personal transformation in the next few months. Activation of questions to improve health.

I highly recommend switching to a balanced diet after the holidays, and before that, cleanse the body of toxins with a short detox fasting program.

Cancer February 2022

It will be without unnecessary and abrupt movements, with the exception of a few changes in expenses and general health. Money will come into your hands, but this year they are able to immediately evaporate somewhere. All active changes will begin in March, and February will be devoted to improving health and family topics, children.

February 2022 for Cancer sign

In February 2022 Cancer sign questions may arise:

  • Two spheres clearly indicate a weakening of the immune system
  • It is also worth noting the topics of inheritance and personal image (strange events may occur behind your back).

Strength of February 2022 for Cancer

  • these are improvements on loans or other obligations/promises
  • real estate issue can be resolved positively
  • there will be support from higher people

Especially steep breakthroughs should be expected during the growth phase of the moon. See what days these are in the lunar calendar .

Given all of the above, then in February 2022 Cancers are good to insure themselves against unexpected situations at work. If the cases are related to government agencies, then be patient and perseverant. In February, the key to success is strengthening immunity and family affairs.

March 2022 for the sign Cancer

Many planets will gather in the house of relationships. Also, this combination hints at romantic adventures.

In classical texts, it is believed that such a combination gives: new experience, educated and reliable partners, wealth and wide popularity. But, there is always a condition! In this combination, the main condition is to remove the haste and focus your mind on the current circumstances and tasks.

To begin with, about the weak moments of the month of March 2022 for Cancer:

  • The sun will set in the house of dharma. His influence is very sharp and self-centered, so the topic of personal realization will become very acute.
  • This month can reduce financial savings
  • It is also worth noting that the Sun is a state and being in the house of the karmic path, it can bring drastic decisions regarding your position in society.

March 2022 for the sign Cancer

Cancer 2022 March, positive points:

  • The topic of obtaining new knowledge or the opportunity to meet a teacher
  • Positive news from children, possible extension from the family
  • Opportunities to travel abroad or receive support from abroad will open

It’s going to be a good month, take the haste away and let the flow of opportunity flow through your consciousness. This flow will be positive, do not resist, but carefully analyze all signals. You are on the cusp of discovering opportunities to invest in yourself and your future well-being.

This is the general horoscope for Cancer for 2022.

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Cancer 2022 for April

A month in which several significant events will occur:

The first is the transition of the Sun into a sign of active fiery activity – into Aries. This will automatically open up opportunities to increase your savings.

The transit of Jupiter into your sign Pisces will finally switch your inner compass to finding yourself on the path of life. Especially if you are an adult Cancer and have already tried a lot. It is also about the ability to solve problems with debts and competitors.

Change of the karmic axis Ra\Ke , and this is a reason to expand your outer boundaries. For some, this means completing the construction of a loggia and expanding the living space, and for some, moving to a permanent residence in another country.

Towards the end of the month, Saturn transits into its sign of Aquarius, which can effectively destroy the plans of the enemy and ill-wishers. A solar eclipse in Aries, and here a career turning point can occur.

April 2022 for the sign Cancer

This month will sell:

  • generally flat, but little energy on social affairs
  • unexpected costs associated with excessive talkativeness

In total, in April it will be a little scary due to a lack of understanding of how to implement your plans. Many events with a change in energies and a vector of karmic tasks. But there will be financial support and in matters with competitors and debts.

In general, you have the opportunity through your own efforts to make a very strong personal transformation through the entire 1st half of the year. You just need to get over your worries. In general, you have a good chance to take your hobby to a whole new level.

Cancer for May 2022

Mars-Jupiter-Venus form yoga in the 9th house, such a combination is said: a person will be blessed with a blessed wife / husband, children and comfort, will be like a ruler, connected with good people.

The only thing you need to do right is to realize how Mercury retrograde affects your mind. If you work with numbers or securities, then after May 10, turn on the high alert mode!

An important event in May is the total lunar eclipse in Libra. This can bring you big changes in family matters. If there is no family, then study. Such eclipses are infrequent and seriously switch in terms of internal comfort.

And the chart we will see the difficulty in May 2022 for Cancer:

  • A lot of work, but the costs will skew income
  • There may be claims or administrative cases regarding the concealment of something

Positive in May 2022 for Cancer:

  • Good opportunity to legitimize something
  • Activation of business activity and short trips

May 2022 for Cancer sign

June 2022 for Cancer

A month of good opportunities and global changes. All houses of an active life position will be on the rise. This is the time that should be devoted to communicating with spirit guides. Of course, it is also suitable for active commercial activities, but without rapprochement with the power of the family and the development of the power of intuition, external achievements will be very temporary. Travel this month to a place of power or try to find answers to philosophical questions through the ancient method of Vipassana.

1H 2022 Summary for Cancer:

  • It is desirable to devote the winter months to the restoration and strengthening of physical health.
  • The beginning of spring about new knowledge, relationships, children and foreigners
  • At the end of spring, focus on paying off debts and neutralizing competitors
  • Summer – spiritual self-improvement