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Destiny number 9 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 9. Destiny number nine. Birth number: 9, 18 and 27.

numerology 9Characteristics of the nine, career, personal life, happy days, lucky colors and gems.

People born under the number 9 in numerology are very energetic and fast. The number 9 in Vedic mythology personifies the commander of the army of the demigods. Hence their mental strength, speed and morale of commanders. They are not afraid of challenges and wrestling. Number 9 can be found among the military, police, athletes and fighters for the idea. 9 are never afraid and fearlessly take on any job.

In contrast to courage, these people are quick-tempered and prone to panic. Their body shudders at any mental threat, big or small. Like the number 4, they care about their honor, self-respect and name. Consequently, they will face a lot of ego resistance along the way. They know how to manage all types of business, have good conversational skills.
When their number is strong, they are always very lucky, but with a weak nine, they suffer throughout their lives. They may receive many physical injuries, but always continue to move forward through pain.
If their name number is 8, then they face many accidents, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Goals of people with destiny number nine

The ruling planet is Mars. Therefore, they love motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, trucks, bullock carts, wrestling and swimming, exercise, hunting and training. They love to take part in sports performances and drive different vehicles. They are practically not afraid of anything, and therefore their mind often works in “Iron man” mode. To achieve their goal, they are ready for hard work. But their thoughts often scatter like the wind scatters leaves. They like to walk a lot. No matter how rich they are, they love to walk until their feet are rubbed into dust. They often reach senior government positions or lead private organizations. They find happiness in work and hate laziness. They love to travel.

People born under the number 9 are lovers of freedom! Speed ​​lovers! Hurry workers! Emotional! They have stubbornness from birth. We are ready to protect the weak and help those who ask and do not ask. These people expect everyone to respect them and do what they say. They believe they are great. Only when they get the opportunity they want do they perform very well. Otherwise, they don’t care if the job is done or not. Even if the project fails, they don’t mind and won’t lift a finger.

Destiny number 9, character traits

The number 9 is the last number in Vedic numerology. This is the only number that does not lose its quality when connected to other numbers.
For example: 3 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3
which shows that any number added to 9 returns the same number.
Hence, they have the ability to force anyone to accept their views. The numerological number 9 has strong views and works fearlessly. They analyze everything, plan and work without giving up, they try to achieve their goal, no matter what.

Donateella Versace numberIf someone does not respect them, they do not hesitate to ask honestly why, the nine is always full of courage and confidence. They do not hesitate to punish criminals. People born under the number 9 plan, develop and complete their work on time. However, they have to go through many obstacles in order to fulfill their dreams. Their speech is usually correct and fast, and their mood is courageous and fighting.

Number 9 people fearlessly help anyone who is in trouble or in accidents. The number 9 is the number of speed, courage, reaction and destruction. Talent, desire, leadership positions, dominant behavior are all part of this number. At the same time, 9 are not deep analysts, they delve into the topic to a certain level, make decisions quickly and act swiftly.

The main behavior of nines is speed. They feel the flow of time rather weakly, hence nervousness arises, because the feeling of the rhythm of time gives calmness and balance. To develop this skill, I recommend practicing a simple exercise a couple of times a day: set a timer for 1 minute and close your eyes to listen to your inner voice. When the voice says: “Open your eyes, a minute has passed” – look at the result. If it’s too early, then hurry up to live, if after a minute, then you slip (which is hardly possible for a nine). The purpose of the exercise is to harmonize the sense of time.

Destiny number nine personality

Number nine are emotional and do not like to work in strict obedience , always looking for a loophole for special status. Numerological nines make enemies with their tongue. Their words can be the cause of many battles, including: members of their family, relatives of the wife / spouse, etc. And also No. 9 cannot stand criticism, therefore they often leave posts and public activities if there is no support behind their backs. Birth number nine has the talent to cope with any situation and excellent managerial abilities. But they cannot stand activities that do not meet their inner expectations. They are very patient and can endure incredible trials and loads.

George Gurdjieff - numberThe number 9 fanatically loves to travel, especially to foreign countries. Very curious and love to explore. They are often very intelligent and respect the boundaries of society. Religious and respectful of spiritual leaders. They sincerely and unconditionally believe in God. They love their work and constantly think about how to improve processes and results. They are interested in everything that makes life enjoyable, love adventure, romance and believe that everyone should help each
other to live happily and interestingly.

To harmonize the active energy of Mars, which patronizes the numerological nines of fate, it is recommended to select the appropriate name. So that the numerical vibration of the name resonates positively with the number of fate. In general, nines is a mystical number that shows the completion of the cycle of human evolution. Therefore, one must definitely practice spiritual disciplines: mantras, meditation, tantra.

The nature of nines born on the 9th

The numerological number 9 fights the winds to achieve its ambitions. They are quick on emotions and love their freedom. Those born on the 9th of any month want to be innovators and try to dominate others. Ready to fight for the championship even with relatives. They love sports, competitions and mysticism.

The nature of nines born on the 18th

Life in Room 18 is full of pranks, especially in the first half of life. They never heed the advice and warnings of others. These nines often try to subjugate everything and everyone to their power. They are fluent in oratory, often hold informal meetings to solve problems. If they can give up their addictions, self-esteem and selfishness, they can become great. In romance, they too try to dominate and get into trouble again. Those born on the 18th are overly emotional and should always be calm and balanced. Any hobby that teaches concentration is suitable for this.

The nature of nines born on the 27th

Almost everyone who was born on the 27th is endowed with talent and determination. Many of them become political strategists. They have a good social position and usually work at night. Their plans often come true thanks to diligence and assertiveness. They are softer than nines born on 9 and 18, so they believe in hard work and have deep spiritual convictions. These individuals earn a good name for their deeds and they have a broad outlook on life. They do not work haphazardly and therefore execute their strategies perfectly. Consequently, they often become winners at an early age. They think twice before doing anything.

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Destiny number nine and compatibility in marriage / friendship

Nine is very interested in marriage and the formation of their own family. When they marry people with a Birth/Life Path number of 3, 5, 6 or 9, they have a very successful family life. They will have many children and pleasant family relationships with people born on the 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th or 30th of any month.

For men of nines, women of six are ideal, and for women of nines, men of three are ideal.
They should not marry people born or with the number of fate number 2 or number 8. If they do marry, then their life will be bitter, and many of them are not averse to divorce.
Wedding dates must be either 1, 3, 6 or 9, or added to them for a good family life.

Nine gets along well in friendship with people whose fate number is 3, 6 and 9. They are also good partners. The benefits of friendship with the number 1 are moderate. They should avoid establishing partnerships with people with a numerological number 2 or a numerological number 8. As this indicates losses and problems in the future.

Destiny number nine, health

People with a birth number / life path of 9 suffer from one long-term illness. They often have somatic pain, obesity problems, dental problems and calluses in the feet. Because they are ruled by the planet Mars, a hot planet, they suffer from mucus buildup, eye irritation, and other problems associated with internal heat. They need to drink plenty of water and eat more rice porridge. It is especially useful to consume fermented rice porridge. Nines should eat less fatty and spicy foods, minimize pickles and fresh milk. It is favorable for men to consume date milk. For rashes and other troubles caused by dry skin, it is good to rub in oils.

Morning walks are useful for improving lung function. And to strengthen the nasopharynx, you should do jala-neti (suck water through the nose).
To prevent ear diseases, one or two drops of oil should be instilled into the ears from time to time . Important years of life for health, when well-being can change both for good and for bad, are 9.18, 27, 36.45, 54 and 63.

The number 9 will have burns or bandages all the time, as they are thoughtless about dangerous actions. Too much tanning and a long stay in a hot and dry sauna have a bad effect on well-being. Fractures, hematomas, intestinal ulcers and various injuries with sharp objects are frequent. They will undergo surgery at least once in their lives.

Destiny number 9, career

Most people with a birth/destiny number of 9 are successful engineers or surgeons. They aspire to high positions in the army, sports and administration. Construction enterprises, machine-building business, production of iron products are suitable for them. They make good ministers and kings. They work well in cool climates and are difficult to tolerate heat. They will suit both the detective business and the printing business. The life path number 9 is well versed in emotions, they know how to write beautifully, especially about romance. Often famous hunters, mystics and trainers.

Favorite sports are football, tennis, hockey, badminton, volleyball, cycling. They make good athletes.

Yantra of Mars for destiny number nine in numerology



Days and periods of luck for the number 9

Days 9, 18, 27 and 6, 15 and 24 are lucky for them. Also lucky are dates that add up to 6 or 9. Days 1, 10, 19 and 28 and dates that add up to -1 give moderate results.

But the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th days and dates in total giving 2 are unlucky.

Unfavorable periods for nines

Among the months of the year, the following periods are unfavorable: the beginning of March, the beginning of May and the beginning of June, as well as the periods of October 1-21 and November 23 – December 27. During these periods, nines suffer defeats and failures, do not find understanding among others, get sick, lose interest in work, fall into anxiety, end up on trial, doubt everything, feel growing hostility around them.

Favorable periods for nines

Such periods: March 21 – April 20, October 21 – November 23. At this time, you should start new projects, decide on bold deeds, finish the work you have started, change your place of residence, meet new people and travel abroad.

Gems for destiny number 9

For nines, the main gemstone is red coral. If a person has little control over his anger, then white coral should be worn until the age of 40, after which it can be changed to red. This stone perfectly structures the energy of Mars, prevents critical mistakes and improves the function of hematopoiesis and the protective background of the aura. In some writings I met descriptions that work great: carnelian, red jasper and red agate.

It is desirable that the stone be in a copper and gold ring. It is preferable to wear it on the ring finger of the right hand, but it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Lucky Colors:  Dark red, red, blue are lucky colors for them. Dark green, black and white are unfavorable colors for them.

  • ruling planet – Mars
  • lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 6, 15, 24
  • lucky days: tuesday, thursday, friday
  • lucky months: march, may, june, september, december
  • gemstone and metal: red coral, carnelian, red jasper and red agate, copper and gold
  • color: dark red, red, blue
  • direction and symbol: south, fire
  • scents and flowers: hibiscus, magnolia
  • bad numbers and dates: 2, 7
  • interfering colors: dark green, black and white

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