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Destiny number 6 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 6. Destiny number six. Birth number: 6, 15, 24

numerology 6Characteristics of the six, career, personal life, happy days, lucky colors and gems.

The number 6 is naturally a lucky number. They live in the present and do not worry about the past or the future. Of all the numbers, from 1 to 9, sixes are the luckiest. They usually do not believe in reincarnation, karma, or future incarnations, and often joke about those who believe in these concepts. Although they themselves are interested in alchemy and go to the temple.

Number 6 people try to live life to the fullest: money, comfort and pleasant adventures are what they are looking for from life. They are often self-centered. Travel, writing, music and dancing form the circle of interests of these personalities.

Thieves of hearts, they are the sons of Cupid and endowed with children, especially girls. The goddess of luck never stops smiling at them, so they are more often lucky than others in life. By the age of 45, they already have all the attributes of a successful life: car, housing, family, income. Some even refer to them as “Lord Kuber’s sons” as the money ends up in their hands one way or another. They like to spend money on food and pleasures, especially secret ones. But when it comes to donating money to worthy causes or helping others, they become stingy.

The number six does not like a hectic environment and does not arrange disputes. If someone declares war on them, they are always ready to compromise, just not to fight. People with the Soul Number b are smart, tactful and able to learn other people’s carefully guarded secrets without conscious effort.

Character traits of people with a destiny number of 6

A person with many faces, moods and thoughts – this perfectly describes them.
They have a sharp tongue that they mock as a joke and sometimes hurt people easily. Such people are attractive, youthful, soft, courteous, love luxury, artistic, have a delicate taste. They easily attract members of the opposite sex, enjoy their love and respect.

These qualities are endowed by the planet ruler of the number 6 – Venus. This poaneta is clearly visible on the horizon twice a day: before sunrise and after sunset. In astrology, Venus is considered an auspicious, feminine, watery planet.

In mythology, the deity of Venus is represented by two images:

  • a light-faced young man with curly hair, attractive eyes and a radiant body, the embodiment of love and sensuality;
  • the teacher of those who oppose the demi-gods. He has white matted hair and a large beard.

Such a presentation very clearly describes two psychotypes of people with a fate number of 6. Some tend to enjoy the sexual pleasures and delights of life, while others are desperate fighters for the rights of those who are oppressed by officials, but do not forget about their own benefits.

The income of representatives of the number 6 does not always cover expenses, therefore they tend to take loans often. They take loans at the speed of a hare and repay them at the speed of a tortoise. Thanks to internal positive, they continue to dream of the best, even when they cannot reach the desired heights.

Life values ​​​​of people with a destiny number of six

Milla Jovovich - destiny number 6Since the sixes live under the influence of Venus, they are more concerned with satisfying the desires of the second chakra – Svdhisthana. This chakra uses life energy to experience the pleasures of: food, adventure, scents, clothes, movies, massages, and karaoke. Due to their lucky nature, they tend to get what they want.

Often, due to their creative inclinations, they are seriously interested in art. They build beautiful houses, spending huge amounts of money to live a magnificent life. Their interest in music, poetry, dancing and writing is very great. They support the arts and often throw parties for their friends.

Birth number 6 – Experts in attracting others and manipulating them to achieve their goals. They are only interested in personal progress and thoughts constantly arise in their heads about how to earn more money. But, if the strength of the number 6 is great, they are able to develop powerfully in the spiritual life.

The number 6 is lucky in races and lotteries. They help others by keeping income in mind. They like to make decisions only after careful consideration. They hesitate to take unnecessary risks. They are well versed in mantras, tantras and how to make money on esotericism. They also keep their surroundings neat and inviting.

Many of their friends will be associated with the number 5 in some way . they are calm to the antics of sixes. They will be good partners with those born on 1, 6 and 9. But it is advisable to avoid friendship with the number 3. The numbers 3 in themselves are useful for the number 6, but if they try to use the number 3, they will suffer losses.

The number 6 is quite distinctive, and therefore it is difficult to make close friends with them.
Therefore, the ability to control one’s temperament and cultural upbringing is necessary for the number 6 in order to live a fruitful life. They should constantly struggle with their negative qualities and develop good qualities and a spiritual outlook on life.

Characteristics of sixes born on the 6th

People born on the 6th of any month always want to be surrounded by wealth and work tirelessly to earn money. They can manipulate anyone to achieve a result. Due to the influence of Venus, these personalities have a gentle energy and are able to take any form if necessary. They take on any work with enthusiasm, and they are also modest and deep thinkers.

Of the 64 art forms, they master at least one, but well. As a rule, they are calm and therefore difficult to anger, but when excited, they become explosive. They have the support of higher powers, so they often enjoy a good material life.

Characteristics of sixes born on the 15th

But these personalities are born sorcerers, easily penetrating the hearts of people. They are attractive and speak a “silver” language. They are well versed in any art and know how to talk with humor. They have the ability to accurately assess the capabilities of their enemies and never forget even the smallest details of events or relationships.

If someone has caused them suffering, then they take revenge slowly and specifically, waiting for the right moment to strike. They never show their feelings on their face. May be addicted to television, drama and cinema. They often create a big name for themselves in the field of art or organization of general fun.

Characteristics of sixes born on the 24th

Destiny Number - 6 Thomas EdisonThe number 24 has the support of rulers. They are modest, quiet and respected people. Great opportunities and excellent positions come to them in life. They are very brave.
When others are frightened, they easily take unprofitable work and make it profitable thanks to their talents. From here they are easy to climb. Some of them are good at sports. They lead a very principled life.

The sphere of art is often woven into their lives and favors their development in life. But they are prone to pride, which can lead to their downfall. They do not like when something is done against their will. But on the other hand, they do not seek to command and are not too demanding of others; they know how to hide their feelings behind a sweet smile. They are secretive and securely keep other people’s secrets.

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Love and relationships for number 6

People born under the number 6 are lucky in romantic matters.
As a rule, the number 6 has an early first marriage. When it comes to marriage, the number 6 is calculated. They are looking for financial opportunity more than romantic compatibility. If their spouse is not compatible with their desires, they will not hesitate to seek pleasure elsewhere.

And now the advice to those who have chosen a partner with a destiny number of 6: “You must constantly take care of your appearance and have a presentable appearance in order to keep your spouse under the key. Adding thrill and pleasure to your life with specialty cooking can make you the best spouse anyone could wish for.

People born on the 6th and 9th make good partners for sixes. But they should avoid people born on 1, 4 and 5.
They should never marry on the numbers 3.

Their wedding dates must be 1, 10, 19, 28, 6, 15, 24, 9, 18, and 27, or the dates must add up to 1, 6, or 9.

They usually have a good baby and have many girls.

Destiny number 6 career

Their favorite area of ​​self-expression is art. They work beautifully. Hence, if they pursue any career related to film, drama, music and entertainment, they are sure to succeed. Many artists of cinema, television, radio, famous speakers are associated with the number 6. Such areas of cinema as editing, make-up, writing scripts are favorable for them.

Also profitable business related to clothing, jewelry, plastic products. They are well suited for modeling, tailoring. Sophisticated design arts such as sculpting, painting, and making beauty products are suitable for decorative items as well as fake jewelry. Beauty products related to women, their production, marketing and sales are suitable jobs for them.
A person born under the numerological number 6 is able to understand the laws and be good lawyers and judges. But because they tend to break the rules, they rarely stay long in this area.

They can successfully engage in real estate business, asrology, shopping centers, restaurants, spas, beauty salons, flower shops and bouquets / garlands.
They can make good money on music, singing and musical instruments.

The destiny number 6 life path is a natural money-making fair. They believe in their luck, but they see the value in hard work. Only when they make persistent and tireless efforts, victory will be with them forever. And if they can curb their habit of spending on family and personal needs, then the following years will not suffer from debt and poverty.


Destiny number 6 illness and health

They usually love to eat delicious food. Consequently, they often suffer from diseases associated with obesity. They also have problems related to the heart, such as blood pressure, blood flow problems, weakness, etc. Since they spend a lot of vital energy on sense gratification, they can pick up diseases of the reproductive organs. Very common questions about the intestines. They should avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Sometimes there are problems with the lungs, such as asthma.

Hence, they should include in their diet: pomegranate, walnut, apple, green leafy vegetables. They should play outdoor sports, walk or jog, which will significantly strengthen their immunity.

Yantra of Venus for destiny number 6


Lucky days for the six

6, 15, 24 and 9, 18, 27 of any month and date that add up to 6 and 9 are lucky.
But days 3, 12 and 21 and dates that add up to 3 are harbingers of failure.
The number 6 is not recommended to make serious decisions on the 5th, 14th and 23rd, as they bring weak results.

Lucky colors for the number 6
Green, blue and their combination favor good luck. Light red will also benefit them.

But white, pink and yellow flowers should be avoided, as they bring misfortune to them.

Precious stones and metals for the six
Diamonds and green emerald for them are the happiest stones. In fact, wearing most green stones brings them positive emotions. But they should avoid wearing any red gems.

  • ruling planet – Venus
  • lucky numbers: 1, 6, 15, 24, 9, 18, 27
  • lucky days: friday, tuesday
  • lucky month: june
  • gemstone and metal: diamond, gold
  • color: green, blue
  • direction and symbol: southwest, west
  • scents and flowers: jasmine and white lotus, cardamom oil, sal tree oil
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 17, 26 and 7, 16, 25
  • interfering colors: red

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