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Horoscope Taurus for 2022


taurus horoscopeThe general trend of the 1st half of 2022 for the sign Taurus

Weak/strong points in planetary transits for Taurus

How to neutralize possible difficulties

Vedic Horoscope for Taurus for 2022

(1st semester)

The ruler of your zodiac sign is Venus . At the moment of launch, she will be in Sagittarius, which is not the most comfortable position, but with the highest degree in the 2022 birth chart. That is, something seems uncomfortable, but there is a great potential for energy. Such a pleasant and unusual start that even the most interested in how everything will unfold for you.

Venus will celebrate the new year with the Sun, but at a comfortable distance. This is good news, because being close to the sun can sting. But the starting position is on the dark side of the map, where Venus is very comfortable. And besides, she is aiming for her exaltation sign in May, so Taurus in the first half of 2022 will be very practical. Cooperation with friends and authorities can bring quite tangible results

Formula of the emotional state: adhere to the rules of decent and honest behavior, show gratitude, pay with a favor for a service.

January 2022 for Taurus

In January, the main focus is on cases hidden from the public. Perhaps the topics of inheritance or optimization of their costs through different schemes will come up. January is a good month to start agreements with various right people. Get it done before Mercury goes retrograde on January 14th.

The shadow planet Rahu will be in the 1st house, and this 100% brings opportunities to expand the themes of the personality:

  • image change,
  • expansion of zones of influence through its authority,
  • terribly resets the immune system.

The formula for success in January is the search for solutions to optimize income and costs. This will be especially manifested through the partner’s income. You can successfully enter into an alliance with representatives of the authorities or the law, at least at the level of verbal agreements.

January 2022 for Taurus

In January 2022, Taurus may have questions:

  • The weak point is the costs (maybe abroad, or maybe the hospital, remember about Rahu)
  • Work in terms of income will be slightly weakened (probably you need to negotiate with someone correctly)

Taurus in January 2022 can please:

  • Children and development opportunities theme. If you have free funds, invest them in securities in January.
  • Good opportunities to legally reduce credits or negotiate a truce with opponents

Given all of the above, then January 2022 for the sign of Taurus – use the holidays for the benefit of your business or career. Expand your sphere of influence through friends and partners. Take care of your image and remember about a balanced diet.

February 2022 for Taurus

There is a general decrease in enthusiasm and enthusiasm, especially in the area of ​​costs. They may be related to the topic of chronic ailments or injuries from vehicles and mechanical means. Generally it depends on the quality and strength of Mars in your chart. A vacuum cleaner can simply break down, or you can win a telly in a draw.

But a great month to shake up your friends and arrange some kind of joint performance. But preferably not at home, but somewhere in neutral territory. Money can cause unrest, but this is temporary, as things will improve in this area in the spring.

February 2022 for Taurus_

In February 2022 the sign Taurus may have questions:

  • Finances, parents and moral principles can create some excitement in the mind.
  • Leaders or authorities can create uncomfortable situations, especially through behind-the-scenes methods.

Strength of February 2022 for Taurus

  • these are improvements on loans or other obligations/promises
  • quite a positive trend in the fields of romance and children
  • a great time to build relationships with older family members

Especially cool days should be expected during the growth phase of the moon and when the moon is in the signs of Venus (libra and taurus). See what these days are in the lunar calendar.

Given all of the above, then in February 2022 it is good for Taurus to stay away from the authorities. If the cases are related to government agencies or a job change, then you can begin to intensively solve them. In February, the key to success is to talk less about your plans with friends, but at the same time do your job slowly.

This is the general horoscope for Taurus for 2022.

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March 2022 for Taurus

And this is where the rollercoaster begins. I highly recommend not to make sudden movements.

The focus at the beginning of spring is on health, both physical and mental. Venus will be weakened by the dangerous company of two malefics. You may be tempted to take one position or another. I recommend taking a neutral position or making a strong-willed decision at the beginning of the month. This is important because after March 14, the Sun moves into Pisces, which means courage and confidence will go limp.

In March 2022 Taurus will be puzzled

  • Property issues, especially those who have a business, may aggravate, take care of your nerves and be patient
  • This month can give a weakening in general well-being

Good energies in March 2022 for Taurus

  • Prospects for a new assignment or job change
  • Positive news from parents or from the financial sector
  • Opportunities will open up for traveling abroad or some interaction with foreigners

March 2022 for Taurus

An interesting month, it will give a bias in the topic of career and social activity, but it can very easily undermine in the field of health. To improve health, proper nutrition and timely unloading of the gastrointestinal tract are considered the best way. And you have Saturn in the house of career for the whole next year, if you want to balance and not work out your inner resource of vitality, practice Ekadashi.

April 2022 for Taurus

A month in which several significant events will occur:

The first is the transition of the Sun in the sign of exaltation in the house of foreign affairs and relations. But, if you have a tense relationship with your father in life, then this transit will bring hardships and difficulties.

The transit of Jupiter into your sign Pisces can activate the desire to enjoy life’s pleasures without control. If you do not practice the spiritual or philosophical development of the personality, then this will only give you a material buzz. Also joy for children.

Change of the karmic axis Ra\Ke . This is about karmic lessons on the subject of the ability to distinguish between an illusion and real needs. Rahu at 12m is able to give deep spiritual enlightenment.

At the end of the month, the transit of Saturn into its sign of Aquarius, which can enhance career success.

A solar eclipse in Aries, and here a turning point can occur either in health or in reformatting life values.

April 2022 for Taurus

In April 2022, Taurus will have:

  • general well-being and finances, probably after the March slides
  • a combination of rahu of the sun and mercury can cause some anxiety, this is about the loss or transformation of something that has already become obsolete

In total, in April 2022, Taurus will have many changes in energies and influences. But knowing this, you will be able to prepare more consciously and do everything as comfortably and stably as possible. Perhaps pressure from a partner or partners, be patient until May, it will be clearer how to proceed.

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May 2022 for Taurus

This month, a full breakdown on goals, opportunities and results. It seems as if you will be specifically pulled into opposite topics compared to March and April. The first half is even, but after 16…. Mars-Jupiter-Venus form yoga in the 11th house, such a combination is said: a person will be able to receive support from influential friends and achieve success.

Mercury in retromotion will mess up finances, but this is temporary, it quickly revives. If you have decided to open a business, now is the time!

An important event in March is the total lunar eclipse in Libra. This can manifest itself as a strong mental stress and errors with credit funds. there will be Ketu, this event can seriously skew your plans.

And we will see the forecast chart for Taurus for May 2022:

  • financial sector, issues in the family of parents
  • Possible deterioration in communication skills and as a result of relationships due to the direct aspect of the sun

May 2022 for Taurus

Positive forecasts in May 2022 for Taurus

  • Implementation of long-term plans, good performance in real estate
  • Activation of the topic of esoteric searches or appeal to accult topics

June 2022 for Taurus

A month of good opportunities and global changes in relationships. A powerful month about work and commerce, but keep a balance, otherwise you will miss the fullness of life. While Saturn is retrograde, there will be a chance to realize the meaning of your destiny without too much pressure, how to open it in order to fill your soul with the nectar of happiness – Soma.

Astrological Prediction Summary for 2022 for Taurus

1st semester:

  • It is advisable to devote the winter months to useful rest, score points in relationships with the right people
  • The beginning of spring is a rollercoaster, think about the option with a parachute
  • In mid-spring, focus on improving health and improving relationships with partners and management
  • Summer – it is important to realize what spiritual self-improvement is and how to implement it in our material world.