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Destiny number 1 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 1. Destiny number one. Birth number: 1, 10, 19 and 28.

numerology 1Characteristics of personality, career, business, compatibility in family life, happy days, colors and gems.

In numerology, the number one is the initial vibration of all numbers. The ruling planet is the Sun. People born under this number look and act like royalty. They are full of self-confidence. They have the ability to make others work hard under their direction. But at the same time they treat those by working under them humanely. They do not expect help from others, rather, people born under the numerological number 1 try to overcome troubles alone.


They are usually involved in government work or even politics. If the unit is very strong, then they shine in politics. In office, they are famous for their honesty (only people born under number one). Often they try to keep everyone “under the heel”. For honesty they are respected in the team. Hard work and personal security policy will lead the unit to leadership positions. One has a strong will and a positive attitude, and also has the power
to go through anything and win. A person under the influence of the number 1 decisively overcomes setbacks and builds countless plots of new adventures and plans for success. They like to analyze and learn from new facts and events.

Steve Jobs numberNumber 1 tries to achieve everything in his life only by honest means. They spend a lot of money on clothes and jewelry to look great. They often spend money on things that bring them happiness. One does not like to advertise the fact that they help others. This number is under the protection of the Sun itself and therefore takes on its qualities. They respect fighting face to face with their enemies, and not go to the trick and use insidious ways. They have a sympathetic nature, they are famous for their kind-hearted character. They openly declare their friendship and enmity without any fear.

Those born under number 1 will try their best to keep their promises. As a rule, they do not like laziness and jealousy, they despise greed. They love to travel to remote places and mountainous regions.

Destiny number 1 – character traits

The Unit adheres to honesty in its business dealings. They rarely compromise quality for margin. If the occasion calls for it, they even give up their profits for others. But they will never endure humiliation. Often they try to destroy those who humiliated them. But even this will be done honestly, without unnecessary violence. If someone sincerely asks for his forgiveness, even if it is their worst enemy, they will generously let them go and even offer help.

Unit compatibility in friendship

People whose birth number according to numerology is: 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 9 will be good friends and partners for units. People born under numbers 4 and 8 will be just good friends for them. But they should beware of people with numerological numbers 2 and 7, there may be a catch.

Unit compatibility in marriage

Leah Akhedzhakova numberThey can marry people with a birth number of 3, 5 and even 4, 6, 8. But units should avoid marriage with people born under the number 1, as this will cause ego conflict and lead to a loss of happiness in marriage. Units usually have good children.

Often, those born under the number 1 have late marriages. They make love with passion, but must take care not to be deceived. For a successful union, it is advisable to spend some time with a partner, watching his / her actions. Units rarely have happy marriages, but if they know how to work hell with their Ego, then miracles happen!

Days 1, 10, 19 and 28, 6, 15 and 24 are suitable for marriage . Dates that add up to 1 or 6 are favorable for them.
Note . The times of Rahu kala, Gulik and Yamaghanda should be avoided even on auspicious days, as these times are considered inauspicious.

Destiny number 1, career

Units have good managerial abilities. They are best suited for leadership positions. As leaders, they demand the best from their employees. They don’t have any workload problems, they can work hard. Any work they undertake will be done honestly and without delay.
In government positions, in public organizations, cooperatives, public organizations, they will occupy key positions. Those who have little strength will perform the functions of responsible civil servants.

They are good at managing private affairs. But they do not adapt to other people and politics in the offices. Able to sacrifice personal gain for the benefit of society. They are not averse to giving away their victories in competitions. They have hypnotic qualities that make them the best managers. Although they may be frustrated by frequent problems and setbacks in business, they always get up to overcome their problems. Jobs that are most suitable for them are: government contractors, medicine, jewelry, scientific research, the chemical industry, or the judiciary.

The unit is suitable for working with products such as: onions, tobacco, oats, wheat, fruits and vegetables, jewelry, fibers, herbs, pet care, gold-related business. If a unit is able to change their business strategies and advertising to suit the changing times, they will truly become number one in their field.

To succeed in politics, they must join a large party or organization. This is because they do not engage in dirty politics. Units will really work for the benefit of people. They will carry out plans that benefit people even if they are not popular. If the strength of the number is weak, then the benefits and characteristics will be different.

Interested in such areas of life as: astrology, medicine and spirituality. They love being alone and like
to think and work alone.

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Destiny number 1, health

Health for a unit

Those born under the number one have a stern look, a raised forehead and an average height. They have long arms, arched eyebrows, and strong teeth. They have a masculine connotation. They have a regal gait. Women born under number one have a muscular body and a masculine character. Their husbands will fall under their dominant personality. They raise the authority of the husband in society. The number one dominates its love. May have vision problems and recurring headaches. They have beautiful hair and a generally healthy body.

Since the Sun is a hot energy, many diseases are associated with heat. Incorrect fluid intake will cause frequent constipation. There may be an overproduction of bile and blood problems. Many units have vision problems and occasional headaches. May suffer from general malaise, blood pressure and heart function.
Therefore, they should eat more fruits in their diet and avoid spicy, hot and fatty foods that are difficult to digest. They should add dry grapes, saffron, oranges, nutmeg, ginger, barley to their daily food.
Honey is very useful, so units should have enough honey per day. Alternanthera sessilis or ponnanganni keerai, a type of leafy green, is especially good for them. It helps to get rid of problems with bile and eyes. It is advisable to use natural healing methods.

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Lucky days for a unit

Days 1, 10, 19 of any month will be successful for various things. In addition, if the sum of the day, month and year is 1, these days will be lucky for them too. The 28th day will be moderately successful. Days 4, 13, 22, 31 will also be lucky if these days the units do not do any hard work. Mediocre luck can be expected on days 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25, 29. Big and small failures will occur on days with numbers 4 and 8.

Gemstones and Colors for Destiny Number One

1. Wearing gold jewelry will give extra strength. And the golden medallion worn at the level of the solar plexus – especially!
2. Ruby, topaz and yellow topaz are profitable. These stones must be set in gold.
3. Red opal and sunstone also bring luck to units.

Colors: gold, yellow, pale red and blue will bring them good luck. Black and purple colors will bring bad luck.

Numerological characteristics of units born on the 10th

From one to ten, the power of the Sun decreases, due to which those born on the tenth day of any month are able to get along well with others. They are usually calm and think before they act. They have great willpower and self-confidence. But their financial situation will always be precarious. They should learn how to manage money well.

Numerological characteristics of units born on the 19th

People born on the 19th will have a favorable life. Often, these individuals obey their principles. In gait and clothing, they often display military discipline. Almost always interested in learning new things. They know how to conquer others with their love, and everyone will be happy to help them. They will gradually grow in their lives and reach heights.

Numerological characteristics of units born on the 28th

The power of the Sun is much less. From time to time they will suffer financial setbacks. They have a soft nature. When they adapt and get along well with others, they will gain the support of their friends and relatives. In this regard, they will take on bail and, as a result, will suffer. The combination of the number 2 and the number 8 indicates vanity, arrogance and boastful speech, which can be avoided by working on yourself.
Correcting this quality of character will help to avoid unnecessary monetary losses. Mindfulness in money matters with friends and relatives will bring stability and happiness.

Sun Yantra for destiny number 1

Numerical and graphical expression of the structuring and supporting energies of the Sun for numbers with units.

Characteristics for the unit

  • ruling planet – Sun
  • lucky numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28 37, 46, 55, 64, 82, 91 and 100
  • lucky days: sunday, monday, wednesday
  • lucky months: january, february, april, july, october, november
  • gemstone and metal: ruby, yellow topaz, gold
  • color: red, yellow, shades of red
  • direction and symbol: east, rising sun
  • scents and flowers: sandalwood, pink lotus
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 17, 26
  • interfering colors: black and brown

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