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Destiny number 5 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 5. Destiny number five. Birth number: 5, 14 and 23.

numerology 5Characteristics of the five, career, personal life, lucky days, lucky colors and gems.

The number 5 is in a convenient position in relation to other numbers, right in the middle from 1 to 9. Therefore, this number is also called the average number, a common friend number for other numbers. In Indian Astrology, the Moon is considered a benefactor to all, maintaining friendly relations with other planets. She has no enemies and helps to establish relations between the planets. This is why Vedic astrology is based on the lunar sign and not the solar sign. When the Moon occupies a high position in a person’s birth chart, then the person is lucky, prudent and always acts advantageously.

Similarly, in numerology, the number 5 has a special place due to its unique position in the numerical table, therefore it is friends with all numbers. And even when they get into trouble, the fives meet them with a smile. This ability to accept what is happening in a positive way is manifested through Mercury.

The mind of a 5 is more often inspired by new ideas. They skillfully use knowledge from the universal library – Mercury endows them with this skill . Even in the minority, they are able to apply a winning strategy and turn the tide of events in their favor. People with a destiny number of 5 often become the “saviors” of other people in trouble.

Destiny number 5, character traits

Fives have a unique charm that surpasses any other number, including the number 6. This number is called the “Spellcaster”, “Magnetic Number”, “Wizard” because of its magnetic properties. How a neodymium magnet can attract any large piece of iron. Similarly, number 5s can easily attract anyone with their charisma. Their attractiveness and charm cannot be compared with anyone.

Mikhail Zadornov number 5The number 5 has a humorous way of speaking that does not harm anyone. They will show their special qualities even when meeting someone new. Their magnetism allows them to maintain friendly relations despite long disagreements without losing warmth. Wherever they are, in restaurants, trains, planes, they have the opportunity to make friends with anyone. Fives like to dress well, wear stylish clothes, perfumes and take care of their appearance.

They want to take their ship to the top with their energy and ingenuity. Speed ​​is their mantra ; they eat in a hurry, talk fast, walk restlessly, and expect others to keep up with them. Although they look simple, they have the charisma to attract the attention of even a king. While others are trying to keep records of money transactions, they will pull the numbers straight from their memory.

They excel at analyzing other people’s work. Experts in forming respected critiques and analyzes, but doing research themselves.

The life goals of those whose fate number is five

They are confident and face danger with a smile. Their thirst for knowledge is great and they love to incorporate newly acquired ideas into their work. Those who have a fate number of five know how any organization works, and plan their work accordingly. Their speed of thought is enormous, and they often want to gain wealth and fame in society.

They are successful in their endeavors. Even if they fail, they do not lose heart and
continue to work even better than before. Their interest in manual labor is less; more capable of earning brains. They constantly use their wits to get others to work and fulfill their wishes. In such activity, their mind can reach nervous breakdowns, which makes them irritated and angry. Yes, those born under the number five are smart and versatile, while they are not averse to getting their hands dirty to make money.

Quite rare, but still fall into despair. Others may manipulate them by praising them to the skies. Such a technique works effectively only for a while, but still it calls for effective control over a personality with the number five. In time, they can find a solution to any problem and will break free from the clutches of the law with clever tactics.

Anjolina Jolie number 5Their mind naturally gravitates towards such professions as: an actor, a business agent, a financier or an organizer of various communications. Madly love to travel, especially abroad. They make decisions quickly. They often get angry when others can’t follow their thought process. They know how to make money on gambling, racing and mediation. They have the wit and courage to take any dangerous situation and fix it.

If the strength of the number five is low

Then the paterka will cheat, threaten; perjury, forgery and other heinous crimes. They have blind confidence and faith in themselves. Willing to take risks to make a name for themselves. Instead of listening to others, they should listen to their inner voice. Otherwise, they will fail in their endeavors.

With the blessing of Heaven, their mind is full of sudden ideas and innovative methods. By implementing these ideas, they can succeed. They should avoid jumping from ship to ship for the love of money. They should do business based on their passion and talent. Then they should come up with new concepts and designs to expand their careers. They should always take a look before jumping into a topic, idea, or gamble.

Characteristics of fives born on the 5th

People born on this day receive energy and youth from the planet Mercury. They are trying to lead a spiritual life. They have great talents, intelligence and an attractive personality. They often look youthful and have good immunity. These people will fill their lives with lofty ideals and dreams. They are unsophisticated and never cheat on anyone.

Characteristics of fives born on the 14th

People born on the 14th are usually very lucky. They are born with the spirit of adventure and travel. Often become famous businessmen. But there is a chance of getting into an accident, and there will also be many ups and downs in their lives. With God’s grace, they can overcome their problems. If they are not careful in romantic matters, then life in the future throws up surprises. The number 14 is very popular in politics, people born of this number are always surrounded by a crowd.

Characteristics of fives born on the 23rd

People born on the 23rd are really lucky. They are blessed with the patronage of Guru Chandra Yoga. In all matters they will enjoy the support of the government. Quite often they receive honorary and higher positions in society. The scriptures say that these individuals are cultured and full of virtues, they are born for success. They are attractive, charming and conquer everyone with their smile. Nobody can defeat their arguments. When they receive the love and admiration of everyone, they succeed in their public life as great businessmen, politicians, and spiritual leaders.

Destiny number five – video

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Destiny number five – career

They will excel in the fields of science, art, astrology and mathematics. Number 5s become famous actors, actresses, entertainers and explorers. Often, they are better off in self-employed positions than in public positions. Only if their desired number is favorable will they be able to succeed in public office. To do this, it is desirable to know your talents. 

Employers using the number 5 make a profit , as the number is associated with wealth. Number 5 people come up with new business ideas and are valued by their superiors. They usually work for private firms. Their pay scale is the only thing that matters. Hence, they take part-time jobs to increase their income. They can do anything because they are natural magnets for people. Wherever they are, a crowd gathers around them.

Energetic, goal-oriented and money-loving , they excel at commissioned jobs. They become famous brokers and commission agents. They also do well as travel agents. But while they are in the same business, their minds turn to a new venture in search of better pay and fame. Thus, they tend to move from one thing to another without doing anything completely. Instead of looking for new businesses, they may find some innovative ideas to spice up their existing business. They make good ambassadors and can excel in HR, marketing, and PR.

Destiny number 5 marriage compatibility

Number 5 love romance. They indulge in romance with full dedication; they are brave and stubborn enough to marry the person they love. Often looking for a wealthy groom / bride. They are especially attracted to people born 5 and 9 years old. Often create a marriage alliance with 1, 3 and 6.

Days 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28 and dates that add up to 1 or 9 are not good wedding dates for number 5.

Days 6, 15 and 24 and adding up to 6 are moderately suitable.
Often they are threatened with childlessness, but they can avoid this misfortune if they marry people born under 2 or 6. Marriage with the number 5 will further weaken their ability to bear children. If fives can “slow down” for the sake of their spouses, their lives will become much happier and more enjoyable.

Compatibility in friendship fate number five

The number 5 is able to make friends with anyone. But they are more attracted to the numbers 1, 9 and 6. They become smart and comfortable partners; therefore, they can partner with anyone and succeed in their business. Although they are friendly with everyone, the numbers 5 and 9 help them the most.

Sacred Geometry: Mercury’s Yathra for the Number Five


Destiny number five, health

The mind of the number 5 is always racing endlessly, quick thoughts make them prone to tension, anxiety, nervous breakdowns and occasional body aches. Often, in their youth they suffer from seizures. If they take care of their health, eat a good diet, get enough rest, they can avoid all of the above problems. By avoiding indulging the desires of the first chakra, they can strengthen their nerves. In severe cases, paralysis can occur with unilateral nerve injury and nerve atrophy.

Therefore, they need to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains, which will increase the protein content of their diet. Physical activity will also benefit them. Their mind will work even at night, which will lead to sleep disturbance. Therefore, they should practice yoga , meditation and pranayama to learn how to control their mind. They should try to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Then their health will automatically improve.

Lucky days for fives

The most successful days are 5, 14, 23 and 9, 18, 27 of any month. Dates that add up to 5 and 9 are also beneficial.

lucky stone for five

Emerald (green) – the most powerful, but these days it is very difficult to buy the right emerald, fakes of which are not uncommon and difficult to distinguish. Instead, they can opt for zircon or sultanite, which have similar beneficial properties.

It is desirable that the stone be in a silver or white gold ring. Yellow (lemon) gold is acceptable. Wear as a pendant or on the little finger of the active hand, but it is advisable to consult  a specialist.

Lucky color for destiny number five

Gray is their lucky color. Light colors bring them good luck. Shiny and colorful clothes bring them good luck.
They should avoid dark colors such as red, green and black.

  • ruling planet – Mercury
  • lucky numbers: 1, 5, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28
  • lucky days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • lucky months: january, may, june,
  • precious stone and metal: green emerald, sultanite, zircon; silver and white gold
  • color: green, gray
  • direction and symbol: north
  • scents and flowers: lily and basil
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 17 and 26
  • interfering colors: black and dark shades of red and green

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