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Destiny number 7 in numerology

Vedic numerology, number 7. Destiny number seven. Dates of birth: 7, 16, 25

numerology 7This destiny number means: Silence, Loneliness, Introspection, Understanding, Balance and the Thinker.
Seven is the most mysterious and amazing number. The true development of these people does not depend on external activities in the world. For them, inner growth is important, which symbolizes the number 7. The vibrations of this number give the person spiritual deepening, harmony, faith, wisdom. True happiness comes to them through deep reflection and the desire to comprehend the spiritual meaning of life. These people deeply intuitively understand that the Truth can be found only in silence and reflection. People with a vibration of 7 are thinkers, philosophers and mystics, although they may well perform worldly tasks, they are reliable and faithful.

Planet ruler of number 7

The ruling planet Ketu endows them with all the qualities of introspection and genuine spirituality.

Ketu  is the south or descending node. This is a point in space, which is formed when the Moon crosses the ecliptic, moving from north to south. Ketu and Rahu (ruler of number 4) are two karmic points. By the position of which one can clearly determine what merits a person has from past lives, and what is the main task for development in this incarnation of the Soul.

The scriptures say that if the planet Ketu is strong in the birth chart of a person, then this Soul is not subject to any magical influences. And gets the support of the supreme personality of Godhead in all auspicious deeds. But if it is weak, then these people suffer like no one else on this Earth.

Features of the life path of destiny number 7

Robindranath Tagore - destiny number 7As a rule, they strive to study spiritual knowledge and train their body in various magical abilities. Then, they love to pass on their knowledge in various forms, including traveling the world.
The financial position of the G7 will not always be satisfactory. Problems and grief come to them in waves. On the path of life, these people face many obstacles and limitations, but as a rule they are all deeply mental.

But when the North Star becomes beneficent, they receive blessings and good luck. Through such periods, the destiny number 7 reaches a good position in the world.

Weak destiny number 7

When the strength of their numbers is low, sevens will receive unfair pay for their work, despite the fact that they may be well-skilled. At work, they will be underestimated in every possible way, ignore their opinion and substitute. Such sevens can invest millions in their business, but the results will be satisfactory. And some even face the misfortune of sudden bankruptcy. But they will continue and fight tirelessly.

Like the number 3, they, without a single thought, give up their rightful property in favor of relatives. They are unperturbed by any disrespect or unscrupulous actions, for they are wise and intuitively understand the essence of universal laws. Such sevens need to develop creative abilities, through them and hard work, they will be able to adequately manifest themselves in this world.
Relations with relatives are “nothing”, so they do not expect help from them, even if they are the closest people.
Friends and acquaintances often seek selfish help, but having received their own, they even forget to thank the seven for their help.

However, they have strong spiritual power. They never wait for someone to pull them along or push them to do something. But they fight all their lives for justice and honesty, for the good of people, without waiting for recognition or money. This quality of character elevates them over the years.

Qualities of character of sevens

Julia Roberts - Destiny number 7Most of the respected saints of our world are the number 7. In Western astrology, this number refers to the planet Neptune. Neptune is also called a reflection of the moon. The number 7 is the reverse side of the number 2 (destiny number 2 is ruled by Chandra). The number 7 is highly spiritual and not of this world.
Their love for God surpasses any other love because they do not think of themselves.

The mind of sevens constantly changes its opinions and thoughts, sorting out the best option. As a rule, it is difficult for them to break out in their homeland, and they leave their hometown, country in search of fame and fortune. They like to explore other countries and are avid readers.

Many of them are very creative and shine as poets, writers, artists, actors, singers and musicians.
Number 7 people value their careers and spend endless hours at work. Family for them is always secondary in terms of time. Most of their lives they continue to travel in search of money and work. They do not hesitate to spend money on public organizations and religious work.

Number 7 are good businessmen. They show themselves cool in business related to the show, export / import. They have strong religious beliefs. They like to go down little-known paths. Therefore, they fight for enlightenment and social justice.
They have a deep connection with the cosmic forces of the universe, which is why many of them are born magicians and attract everyone they meet. Sevens believe in raja yoga, mantras, meditation and indulge in them with complete faith. Often single, even if married.

In youth, the destiny number seven faces difficulties and a “savory” childhood. With the rare exception that I mentioned above. Often, after the birth of the seven, the family experiences difficulties and this can last right up to the age of the last. And only after 23 – 25 years in the life of these people there comes an opening and some grace. The manner of talking is such that it always seems to the interlocutor that the seven is constantly thinking about something in parallel with the conversation. These people never give up and face all the trials of fate with courage.

The nature of those born on the 7th

These sevens are born to travel. They meet spouses from foreign lands and create an alliance far from their relatives. They are very strict and adore the calm rhythm of life. Completely addicted to their religion. They have good tone and shrewd knowledge.
They respect the views of others. Their family life will face several troubles, which will be mitigated if they adjust to their spouses.

The nature of those born on the 16th

The birthday number 16 has a creative spirit. They have courage and intelligence. They pass all the tests in life well. But they can lose a lot due to unexpected troubles. This can be leveled with special rituals. They have great ingenuity, but their main enemy is selfishness. Babies are born with a delay or strange handicaps. They should be careful in their personal lives, and not engage in extramarital affairs. Their rise to glory will be sudden.

The nature of those born on the 25th

The birthday number 25 is also spiritual. These people are born to guide and enlighten the masses. They have a good creative mind and excellent eyesight. Their family life will not always be peaceful. Often become religious leaders or representatives of the law, they also skillfully manage corporations. As a rule, they are very talented and achieve fame. If they get into politics, they occupy high positions. However, they sincerely serve their people and fight against fraud.

Destiny number 7, career

Careers associated with sky and water are very favorable for the number 7. They also become successful actors, singers, writers, artists and hoteliers.
Sewing business, gasoline, diesel fuel, milk, cottage cheese, carbonated drinks, ice cream, tobacco trade and business are beneficial for the number 7s. Any business dealing with liquids is beneficial to them.

Working in the public sector does not bring them happiness. Trading stocks will not be satisfactory for a variety of reasons.
People born under number 7 become famous chefs and food vendors. The law and the judiciary are a good field for them. Some even shine well in politics. They are comfortable working with poisons and formology. Export-import business, foreign trade, timber, joinery, production and repair of wood products.

The field of medicine and trade in religious books bring them great profits.
Journalism, publishing, photography studio, watch shops, arts such as: sculpture, painting and dancing, radio, television.
They either categorically support their religion or categorically oppose their religion. Therefore, they can become famous religious speakers or computer geniuses.

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Destiny number 7 in love and marriage

The numbers 7 are ascetic in nature. Therefore, they are also called married saints.
Marriages happen late. Their own family rarely respects their talents. Their family life is often unsatisfactory. It is for this reason that many of them are looking for work away from the family due.

If they marry on the numbers of fate: 1, 2, 5 and 6, they will be happy in marriage. Especially
numbers 1 and 2 suit them well. Marriage with people with a birth number of 9 brings them a moderate fortune.

Marrying the numbers 8 brings them bitterness in their married life. 

A wedding on conflict days will bring separation and sadness to their family life, if there are no other favorable aspects.
Auspicious dates for a wedding: the sum of which is 1, 2 or 6.

Destiny number 7 compatibility and friendship

People born on days 1, 2, 5 and 6 are friends with number 7.
Number 7 receives good encouragement and mentorship from people with destiny number 2. They are also the best partners for number 7.

Chuslo fate 7 health

Anxiety and depression take turns hitting the number 7 . If they learn to respond correctly to various stimuli and stop worrying over trifles, they will find a steady improvement in their minds and peace of mind. For example, they will practice Qi Gong steadily .
Often suffer from indigestion and bile diseases. Constipation, rheumatism and skin diseases.
They are an excellent target for viruses when the body is dehydrated, i.e. Be sure to drink enough water a day. And also take water from fruits and vegetables in your diet. Boils and edema often occur. It is recommended to use pure earthenware for cooking and drinking. It is very beneficial for their health.

Yantra for planet Ketu and number 7


Gemstones number 7

The cat’s eye is ideal for transforming the strongest psychic power from Ketu. And also the moonstone also endows them with good luck.
White opal bring moderate luck. The tiger’s eye gemstone brings good news and results in business for the number 7.

You can find out how to choose a gemstone here.

Lucky days for number 7

Very lucky days: 2, 11, 20 and 29. Also days that bring moderate luck: 1, 7, 10, 16 19 and 28. Dates that come after 10 or 20 are good for selling or serious purchases.

Any constructive action should be avoided on days or dates that add up to 7 or 8.

Lucky Colors for Sevens

White is their lucky color. And also, light green, yellow and blue colors are well suited for them.
They should avoid dark colors such as black and deep red.
Colorful clothes bring them good luck.

  • ruling planet – Ketu
  • lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 7, 16, 25
  • lucky days: saturday, sunday, monday
  • lucky months: February, July, November
  • gemstone and metal: Cat’s eye, Pearl, Tiger’s eye
  • color: white, light green, blue
  • direction and symbol: Lion, Swastika, Yaali (Persian crescent)
  • scents and flowers: benzoin resin, sembaram oil, bermuda grass
  • bad numbers and dates: 8, 17, 26, 9, 18, 27
  • interfering colors: dark red, black

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