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Gemstone according to the horoscope

Practically lost knowledge these days. Only in a few manuscripts can one find a description of how a gem works with the energy of its planet. Much more often you can find information about which gemstone suits a woman or a man according to the horoscope. However, this is a very crude approach, which can also give negative results. The selection of a precious stone according to a horoscope is a powerful tool that helps to work with karma and change fate.

Few mystics these days know how to use this knowledge to increase their power. Bit by bit, I have been collecting and practicing this knowledge for more than 7 years. Many are surprised to learn that you need to choose the right stones according to the horoscope. Treatment with stones and attracting good luck into your life is quite real and works very effectively!


In my practice, I recommend using stones set in gold or silver, as very effective and beautiful means for correcting various situations in the horoscope.

Gems have a very powerful concentrated energy! Therefore, it is important to wear jewelry with stones that will improve your energy and well-being. According to the horoscope, a correctly selected gem resonates positively with the energy of the owner. And then improvements in certain areas of life gradually begin to appear.

How to choose a gemstone according to the horoscope?

Example : correction of personal life with precious stones with a weakened Venus in the birth chart

Venus is debilitated and conjunct a malefic planet, but rules a good house in the horoscope. This greatly spoils personal life and makes it impossible for the mistress of the horoscope to show her femininity.

yantra Venus

Yantra for concentration on the energy of Venus

Venus rules the 2nd and 7th houses in an abstract horoscope – this is the parental seed and relationships with partners. Accordingly, with the weakening of this planet, the amount of happiness from these areas in a person’s life decreases. Therefore, wearing jewelry made according to strict rules can significantly improve the quality of the energy received by a person from Venus, thus improving relationships with parents and partners.

Recommended stones are diamond, rose quartz, white sapphire, zircon or rock crystal.

Size and shape the recommended stone size is at least 0.3 – 0.4 carats(rock crystal over 3 carats).

How  to wear – in a white gold pendant or in a ring on the ring or middle finger of the active hand.

Important The stone must be in contact with the wearer’s skin while wearing.

The most suitable dates to buy and start wearing in 2012: April 24, December 25.

It is very important to understand that a gemstone according to a horoscope can enhance the energy of the planet, and not solve all problems instead of you. Therefore, in each case, I recommend a set of necessary actions to harmonize the energies in the chart: a gem, a mantra, simple rituals and other effective methods.

How do gemstones work according to the horoscope?

The Primordial Higher Energy is pure bright light that fills everything in the Universe. The planets in the horoscope represent a certain type of energy that a person receives from the Universe. They can be compared to magnifying glasses through which light passes, refracting at a certain angle and giving its own shade.


That is why pure transparent stones work most powerfully. The quality of the energy determines the purity of the color and light that the stone lets through. Each chakra on the human body has its own color and vibrational frequency with which the energies from precious stones work.

For example, girls probably noticed that wearing a diamond increases inner confidence and grace in behavior. This is how the energy of Venus works through the svathisthana chakra. Men definitely feel the power and power of control if they wear a red ruby ​​in a gold ring, this is how the energy of the Sun works through the manipura chakra.

Many semi-precious stones and crystals also have practical uses that we can use in daily life. Crystals effectively collect and concentrate the magical energy that exists around and within us. The ancient mystics had this knowledge and used it in amulets. Magicians use in spiritual artifacts to increase their energy hundreds of times.
You can learn to use them for protection, luck or healing. To do this, you need to decide what problem we want to solve and turn to a professional in this field.

How to choose a gemstone according to the horoscope?

Thanks to the analysis of a person’s horoscope, it is possible to determine which areas of life need to be strengthened by the energy of precious stones. To do this, I developed my own approach, which has been tested many times and gives impressive results. Having decided on the stone, you need to select the precious metal and develop a frame model so that the stone turns into a piece of jewelry. My latest jewelry work can be seen in the gallery.


Gemstone according to the horoscope and the human energy field

I can say with confidence that people have strong individual electromagnetic fields. These fields are commonly known in the community as auras, and that these fields can be influenced by the frequencies around us.

The wavelengths emitted by gemstones can directly affect a person’s aura. From practice, the initial impact on the outer plane of the energy of the aura usually occurs. Further, this influence is reflected in different parts of the physical body (“activating” chronic diseases). Stones affect subtle energies inside and around the physical body immediately at the moment of wearing. Then, over time, the stone begins to influence the wearer’s consciousness and therefore the karmic patterns seen in their astrological birth chart.


Photographs of a person’s aura with different gems: selected gems with eyes closed (to eliminate conscious bias). Aura pictures showed a significant effect of stones on the aura. The birth chart was analyzed beforehand and two groups of stones were proposed:

  • gems for malefic planets create dull and unbalanced auras (left),
  • while gemstones for auspicious planets create an aura that displays radiance, balance and harmony (right).

Light and color therapy with gemstones

You may have already heard that gemstones should “lightly touch the skin” when set in jewelry. This is an ancient Vedic rule that was introduced to ensure that the frequencies of the gemstone are transmitted efficiently. If the stone is set too high or “dead set”, its rays of light and color will not pass through properly and the gem will not produce results.

Open rim stone

Light and color therapy in action. You can see how the light beam passes through the rose quartz and hits the wearer’s skin. The therapeutic effect of gemstones in Jyotish is very similar to how lasers work. Namely: laser beams align and combine energy frequencies. Concentrated beams of light passing through gems do the same. Gems such as rubies are used in laser technology!

Selection of a gemstone according to the horoscope

What is included in the price: 

  1. Basic horoscope analysis + specific recommendations for stones and jewelry that will work for you.
  2. Brief Skype consultation.
The cost of analyzing a horoscope for selecting a gemstone according to a horoscope is $75



Examples of the selection of gems for the correction of relationships

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