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Pisces horoscope for 2022

Рыбы гороскоп

The general trend of the 1st half of 2022 for the Pisces sign

Weak/strong points in transits

How to neutralize possible difficulties

Astrological forecast for the sign of Pisces for 2022
(1st half of the year)

The ruler of your zodiac sign is Jupiter. At the moment of launch, he will be in Aquarius, practically in a neighboring house he will celebrate the beginning of the year, which is very good! But, under the aspect of Mars, which will add determination and fieryness in 2022.

The starting position is in the 12th house, which represents the sphere of spiritual development, various foreign affairs and liberation (to each his own). The presence of beneficent Jupiter there inspires great optimism that these topics will be successfully resolved. But for this you need to make personal efforts.

The formula of the emotional state: decisiveness with elements of adventurism and at the same time reliability, good organizational skills.

Influence and wealth resulting from helping others develop their achievements and develop resources.


This is the general horoscope for Pisces for 2022.

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January 2022 for Pisces

In early January, a hard yoga will form from malefic planets around the career house. For Pisces who work in a team, this will be a period when the professional environment will delight. Especially it will be connected with the authorities. An exception may be topics related to art and creativity. For example, you ordered a beautiful ring from a jeweler, and for the whole month he sculpts nonsense that is embarrassing to put on your hand. Or you will be in the role of a jeweler.

But those Pisces who have their own business not related to beauty will be much more interesting, but they will need to be firm in communicating with suppliers.

There are many planets in the house of the father and good luck, be careful, there Ketu with the Moon can set you up under the guise of good luck.

The formula for success in January is to move with a smile and make important decisions consciously

Pisces Horoscope January 2022

In January 2022, Pisces may have questions:

  • Expenses of various kinds on everyday topics or foreign affairs
  • Ambush with creative inspiration and annoyance with children

In January 2022, Pisces can please:

  • Positive in the sphere of relations (Me + Sat is unlikely to be about a wedding, but everything is possible)
  • Look great three pillars from the boss, work and until the fulfillment of desires
  • Lots of positive things to do through hobbies or juniors

Given all of the above, then January 2022 for the sign of Pisces is able to bring good results on the topic of social + career. It is advisable to set limits on credit cards so that the costs are not surprising at the end of the month and the chance for relationships.

February 2022 for Pisces

The beginning of the month continues the trends of January, and specifically the costs. Three areas are most likely to be involved: children or projects, parents or dealings with representatives of the law.

Mars with Venus in the house of career can give intemperance to the opposite sex. And those who have already mastered the techniques of controlling sexual energy can expect interesting changes.

In February 2022, the sign of Pisces may have questions:

  • When the house of career intensifies, the realm of children and romance suffers.
  • Financial instability, but if you take control of the costs, it will be easier
  • The worst month for a major purchase or serious investment

Strong side of February for Pisces:

  • Immersion in spiritual practices is recommended, the house of esotericism is very strong
  • The issue may well be resolved positively thanks to the representatives of the law or your Guru
  • A great time to strengthen your image in the eyes of others

An effective listener; obtaining support and gaining success as a result of competent building of relationships and productive interaction with other people.

Shravana encourages meditation and reflection. Her main spiritual impulse is concentration on the current moment. This nakshatra has strong organizational skills, she likes to establish order through tact and intelligence in all available ways. It gives a person the ability to listen, absorb and reflect on a problem in order to find a solution to it. Therefore, Pisces should work out their ideas in these areas related to government agencies. Think about how you can be useful to society. Develop the concept of love through the ability to let go and give.

Pisces Horoscope February 2022

March 2022 for Pisces

Good month, positive indicators. Planets go to the dark side of the map.
On the first of March, 5 planets in the 11th house will gather in your information field. If you have a good relationship with your mother and women in your family, then this energy will be enough to independently launch a couple of Elon Musk’s satellites into Earth’s orbit.

The Moon and its transits will have a strong influence on you. For all people on the planet, the first half of the year will be unusual because of Kala Amrita yoga – when two shadow planets cut the map into two parts. You are a sensitive and creative sign, so the state of the Moon affects your psyche especially deeply.

First, about the weak points of the month:

  • The Sun, as the ruler of the house of diseases and debts, will enter the house of losses and expenses, i.e. costs may be related to health or deceit
  • And some hidden deeds or schemes can put you in an uncomfortable position before

Good energies in the following areas:

  • The strongest 9th house, and there is Ketu, this is definitely about luck according to the karma of the family, a great month to take advantage of the power of ancestors
  • Cases on family topics and personal property look consistently good
  • The topic of relationships should also be smooth and pleasing.

Pisces Horoscope March 2022

A strong hint of the need to work out your karmic tasks. Build a family tree, go through vipassana , realize who you are and why you came here.

The Vedas say that every person must answer 3 main questions in life:
– who am I?
Why did I come here?
How do I want to be born in the next life?

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April 2022 for Pisces

a month in which several significant events will take place:

What is worth noting is the rift in relationships and health in the first half of the month.
As long as the Sun is in the house of personality, this greatly burns out the ability to communicate in a balanced way. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the transition of the sun into Aries after April 15th. It is also a matter of physical well-being.

The transit of Jupiter into your sign of Pisces after 14 and as you can already guess, this is the start of positive changes.
Change of the karmic axis Ra\Ke. Rahu in the 2nd house will move towards the Sun. Such eclipses in the house of finance and philosophy of life lead to a complete transformation.

Ketu in the 8th house – encourages a person to research work. People are no longer afraid of death. This situation is not very favorable for the conception and birth of children.

The 8th house is responsible for the partner’s monetary income, some acquisitions in principle. This is the house of death, the end of everything.
Therefore, a spouse or business partners, as a rule, at least once unexpectedly lose money.

Toward the close of the month, the transit of Saturn into its sign of Aquarius will give a direct aspect to the house of enemies, which can be regarded as support from higher powers against mental and physical enemies.

Pisces Horoscope April 2022

This month will sell:

  • Relationship is in full swing again, control your anger through breathing
  • Health will come to the fore

In total, there will be many emotional outbursts in April. But there will be an understanding of how to defeat your enemies: laziness, lack of planning, or similar topics.

You will have many chances in the first half to improve your income and health affairs.

May 2022 for Pisces

The May trend is very good, all areas will have the potential to improve smoothly in the first half of the month.

In the second half of May, Mars-Jupiter-Venus form yoga in the 1st house, this combination is said to give the person a chance to expand his possessions, improve vehicles and receive help from children and close friends.

The only thing that can make a fly in the ointment is a tense company in the house of finance, but sharp expenses are not expected.

An important event in March is the total lunar eclipse in Libra. This is a house of deep immersion in the depth of your being. Such a strong combination with a full moon will definitely not work just like that.

And we will see the chart:

  • a slight subsidence on the left side of the map, there are younger brothers, sisters and real estate or cars and children, they will sink a little
  • the main thing is not to get into debt

From the good:

  • Finally, the field of travel abroad will give a breakthrough
  • Relationships will grow and there will be good plans for the implementation of the plan

Pisces Horoscope May 2022

June 2022 for Pisces

A month of good opportunities and global changes in a career or business. Saturn will go retro, which means cost pressures will ease. Many planets will move into the depths of the map, and this gives time for a general cleaning in their inner world.

Chanting mantras and visiting places of strong energy flows are ideal for this. There, through developed personalities, through their austerities, space is refined to the state of a diamond.

Summary of the 1st half of the year:

  • It is advisable to devote the winter months to communication and reflection on the topics of optimizing what you are doing and, drawing conclusions, paint an approximate plan of action
  • The beginning of spring is about the start of great opportunities, March – April is right about strong plans and deeds
  • In the middle of spring, a lot of attention to health
  • At the end of spring, improved relations and good income prospects
  • Summer – spiritual self-improvement through the harmonization of the inner world