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Horoscope Gemini for 2022

Близнецы гороскоп

The general trend of the 1st half of 2022 for the Gemini sign

Weaknesses/strengths in transits for Gemini

How to neutralize possible difficulties

Vedic Horoscope for Gemini for 2022

The ruler of your zodiac sign is Mercury . At the moment of launch, he will be in Capricorn, in direct contact with the owner of this sign – Saturn and under the aspect of Rahu! This whole combination clearly speaks of a strong attitude to expand their opportunities and influence as much as possible in all areas of life for Gemini in 2022.

The starting position reflects where the formal calendar new year will start. And start in the 5th house which represents the realm of children, romance and creativity through. Only now your creativity is very specific, it will be more connected with information, new technologies + a small touch of philosophical and spiritual sense from Rahu from the 9th house (the house of dharma). This gives great opportunities to succeed in both worlds: in the spiritual and material. But for this you need to make personal efforts.

Formula of emotional state: a mixture of elegance with practicality, tact with a specific intention to achieve what you want.

Results:  The appearance of structure in deeds and thoughts through the adaptation of spiritual and philosophical principles to material practicality. For example, to realize that music of different vibrations affects very deeply the subconscious vibrations and gradually stop listening to destructive music.

January 2022 Gemini

The ruler of your sign starts in the house of secret desires and mystical events. The position in the nakshatra of the Sun indicates the desire to influence the search for tools to influence the environment. If you put the puzzle together, then you can expect non-standard solutions for a career or at work. Especially the second half of January, when Mercury goes into retromotion.

Gemini, who have their own business, will have a cool chance right up to February to get the desired funding or beat the competition. For the best effect, use creativity and creative solutions! Be careful with finances and various adventures. January is not the month when you need to buy something significant. But a great month to receive something as an inheritance or win the lottery.

The shadow planet Rahu will be in the 12th house, and this will 100% give you the desire to spend more than you have on your account.

The formula for success in January is to set yourself up for a wave with the benevolent vibrations of the universe. In the coming year, only those who realize the power of the ongoing transformations and buy a ticket in the right direction will win.

January 2022 for Gemini

In January 2022, Gemini may have questions:

  • Leadership or laws
  • Against the backdrop of testing new tools to influence people, relationships may suffer

In January 2022 Gemini can be pleased with:

  • Positive on the topic of family or real estate
  • Good chances to pay off debts or improve health
  • Travel opportunities look pretty good.

Considering all of the above, then January 2022 for the Gemini sign will be quite positive and the general background of the month will contribute to the harmonization of Spirit and body. It is important to remember that cost control is mandatory this month. And also begin to integrate spiritual principles into material affairs.

February 2022 for Gemini

An amazing month, from the word surprise. Such a number of planets in the house of esotericism can either drive you deep into fears, and completely inexplicable ones, or bring unexpected luck. But she obviously will not be associated with a career or with representatives of male energy (including power).

Mars with Venus in the house of relationships, you have not had such a power of conscious desires for a long time. If you are practicing any of the tantric techniques using sexual energy, then this month is just a fountain. There will be a strong flow of energy and, of course, the force of pressure on all levels of partnership will increase. The first half of the month is simply the acceleration of electrons in the collider and it will be very different from the second half of February.

February 2022 for Gemini sign

In February 2022, the Gemini sign may have questions:

  • Worst month for gray schemes or showdowns with representatives of the law (until the Sun moves into Aquarius)
  • Unforeseen expenses or expenses for abroad / vacation are quite possible (if vacation, then insurance is mandatory)
  • Worst month to improve relationships, even though it’s Valentine’s Day

 Strength in February 2022 for Gemini

  • Chic time to restore health, operations and other improvements
  • It is a good time for changes with real estate / movement of property
  • We can expect an improvement in the financial flow towards the end of the month

Especially steep changes await those who begin to use sanity instead of conceit.

All things considered, February 2022 is a good time for Gemini to stay away from bosses. Try not to solve cases related to government agencies. Reflect on how you make important decisions in your life. To develop the concept of love through the ability to give not only what you no longer need, but what your partner needs at the moment.

 Gemini March 2022 

Good month, positive indicators. The planets go to the bright side of the map.

Personal confidence impact on others will reach its zenith. At such moments, great temptations occur, especially for those who have even a little bit of power. And at the beginning of the video, I talked about the secret of the year – to use secret knowledge to achieve success.

In March, there will be a chance to increase strength by 100 times. It may sound outlandish to you, but this method works almost flawlessly. Maximum strength will be in the house of ministry. The method of service is up to you, but it should be helping someone become a better person. It is described in Michael Roach’s book Karmic Management.

March 2022 for Gemini

First, about the weak points of the month:

  • Topic on costs, a red thread since January, be careful
  • Parents will need your help physically or financially

Good energies in the following areas:

  • Physical well-being and self-confidence
  • The sphere of relations will rise and delight
  • Great time to reconsider the offers on the labor market

This is the general horoscope for Gemini for 2022.

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The month will be active, with the exception of the weak phase of the moon. The karmic planets Rahu and Ketu divide the chart into two parts. The inner world will be left without planetary support. Be sure to practice energy practices such as Qigong, they balance emotions, develop the ability to make accurate and effective decisions.

It will be very difficult from March 24 to April 8 – the time when Mercury will be in the sign of its fall. There is a powerful technique for regaining energy and psychic strength. Be aware of the events and activities of the past day.

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Gemini April 2022

A month in which several significant events will occur:

The first is the transition of the Sun to the house of fulfilling desires and receiving various bonuses (the second half of April is brighter than the first). In conjunction with Mercury and Rahu, this is definitely about a vacation in the Maldives or getting a doctorate in quantum physics. If you don’t aim so high and far, then you can simply count on an increase in penetration power right up to the moment of a solar eclipse.

The transit of Jupiter into your sign of Pisces can bring noticeable improvements in earnings and career. It is also a direct aspect to the family sector and life satisfaction.

Change of the karmic axis Ra\Ke . Ketu in the 5th house – it is said that this is the best time to use the power of mantras, prayers and spells. To each his own! It is also believed that a person’s life will go through extreme situations, or create them himself.

For women, this is not a good position. It is not very child friendly. In a woman, this indicates difficulties with childbearing. From my experience: this mostly applies to the first child, subsequent children are born normally. And the aspect of Mercury on this house can significantly improve the affairs of the house.

Toward the end of the month, the transit of Saturn into its sign of Aquarius, which can enhance success through leaders and spiritual mentors. A solar eclipse in Aries, and here a turning point in relations with friends can occur.

April 2022 for Gemini

In April 2022 Gemini will have:

  • General health, possible medical or hospital costs
  • The topic of children and new projects in general will be in suspense until Saturn moves into Aquarius

In April 2022 Gemini will be pleased with:

  • Bosses, income or career changes
  • Traditionally strong ability to resist enemies (here more about internal fears)
  • It’s time to get creative

In total, in April 2022 Gemini will have many emotional outbursts. This is due to the transition of Mercury as a sign of its weakening. But there will be excellent support from elders and understanding of friends.

 May 2022 for Gemini sign

The first half of May will be more about health and wellness. It is advisable not to tire yourself with trips, but maybe more rest. Spend this time in nature more, absorb the energy of the Sun more.

In the second half of May, Mars-Jupiter-Venus form yoga in the 10th house, this combination is said to give a person a chance to expand his possessions, improve vehicles and receive help from children and close friends.

The only thing that can fly in the ointment is the cost of health issues, so I recommended that the first half be spent for the benefit of him. A retrograde movement of Mercury from May 10 to early June.

An important event in May is the total lunar eclipse in Libra. This is the house of romance and the opportunity to show creative skills in relationships, some zest with thoughts about a partner.

And in the forecast chart for the Gemini sign for May 2022, we will see:

  • Health, as mentioned earlier
  • Property slippage and traditionally unpredictable costs

May 2022 Gemini will see:

  • An excellent period for developing a career or business
  • Chic opportunities to improve relationships or meet a partner

April 2022 for Gemini

June 2022 Gemini

A month of good opportunities and global changes in the family. Saturn will become retro, and then tensions with the question of self-realization will ease.

Much can be improved if the causal law or karma is realized. All lessons or trials come to us for our deeds. And all the people around us are just couriers who simply deliver to us the dividends from the deeds in the past. Therefore, more often refer to philosophical teachings, so we better understand the laws of karma and the principles of a happy life.

Summary of the 1st half of the year:

  • During the winter months, it is desirable to distribute debts and resolve pressing issues of property and family
  • The beginning of spring can be very surprising, everyone is different, but the wow effect will be for sure
  • In the middle of spring, a lot of attention is paid to the strength of the mind and mental health.
  • At the end of spring, improved relations and good income prospects
  • Summer – spiritual self-improvement or the realization of a dream