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Horoscope Leo for 2022

Лев гороскоп

The general trend of the 1st half of 2022 for the sign Leo

Weak/strong points in transits

How to neutralize possible difficulties

Astrological forecast for the sign Leo for 2022
(1st half of the year)

The ruler of your zodiac sign is the Sun. At the moment of launch, he will be visiting his Guru – Jupiter, but in the company of retro Venus. What does such a combination give?

She will form the confidence that this year the lion will have the confidence that she will not lose in any case. Somewhat presumptuous, but this is in the spirit of Leo, besides that the Moon will also be in this company. Most qualities such as ambition, adventure, enthusiasm, philosophic ideas, and wanderlust come from such combinations.

This is one of the most optimistic combinations, and there is no hurry in its optimism. Therefore, the Lions will be ready to wait for a favorable opportunity when the wind blows in their direction.

The starting position for the Leo sign in 2022 can be characterized by two terms: “the driving force of society” and “inspirers for others.”

Leos will fill you with a fresh, unique outlook on things, and in their presence you can feel that life, after all, is not so bad. This is how the first half of the year will go.

This is the general horoscope for Leo for 2022

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January 2022 for Leo

In the first half of the month, Leo will be strong, very romantic, but at the same time he will think a lot about work. And since our thoughts form material reality, then in the second half of January in the sign of Capricorn there will be something to work on. Saturn is waiting for him there, quite powerful and intractable. And the conjunction will occur in the presence of retro Mercury, which automatically indicates difficulties with communication and data analysis.

This whole company will be aspecting the house of costs, some difficulties with the punitive authorities, but first things first.

The formula for success in January is to remove the rush and try to negotiate with everyone peacefully.

Horoscope Leo January 2022

In January 2022, Leo may have questions:

  • Relationships with superiors or government
  • Excessive harshness and hot tone in communication, especially in the family circle
  • And this can lead to additional costs.

In January 2022, Leo has positive moments:

  • Incomes can grow
  • And the implementation of plans is very high

Given all of the above, then January 2022 for Leo will be divided into 2 parts – the first successful in business and the second tense in communications. In general, this year it is desirable for Lions to pump their analytical thinking skills. This is especially important for those who have a weak Mercury in the chart. This manifests itself through abrupt and conceived impulsive decisions. The simplest is the rule of 3 sources of information.

February 2022 for Leo

This month will add dynamics to the financial flow, but as a compensator, the spheres of friendship and additional training may be deprived of energy. It is likely that adult Leos will have to learn new technologies or the rules of the game.

Horoscope Leo February 2022

In February 2022, Lions may have questions:

  • Willingness and ability to be flexible to new knowledge/technologies
  • Still weak relations with management or higher authorities

In February 2022, Lions will improve:

  • Household affairs and other topics on personal property
  • It is likely that good implementation of the plans or income from friends

The strength of February is a sufficient financial flow and opportunities to grow in career. A particularly steep rise for those who roll up their sleeves and are ready to accept the new rules and plow 24/7 for a while.

And the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the house of travel and trips quite openly hint at at least a bright flirtation, well, how will the card go there.

Given all of the above, then for February 2022 it is good for Leo to reconsider his attitude to changes and new career topics.

If business allows you to go on a business trip or a short vacation, then you will be able to reboot in full.

March 2022 for Lviv

Many planets will gather in the house of struggle, competition and the lower body. This combination can help in the cardinal solution of issues in the above cases.

In terms of physical health, the second half of March can bring a lot of questions related to the lower body. The sun will move into Pisces and this is about communicating with doctors.

First, about the weak points of the month:

  • The Sun will set in the 8th house where underhanded business takes place, so there may be shenanigans hidden from you or with your participation.
  • In the general horoscope, the Sun is the significator of the father, therefore, weakening in his health or affairs is possible.

Horoscope Leo March 2022

Rise time:

  • It’s time for intensive development or promotion of your ideas, attraction of investments or participation in a large project
  • It is likely that the family business will grow or opportunities on the topics of rent, property
  • Opportunities for additional income or support from higher-ups will open

It will be a good month, there are many opportunities to win over competitors, but do not forget about the gray cardinals in those areas where you want to achieve victories. Things look very promising for investors, developers and people in the field of information products of mass influence.

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April 2022 for Lviv

a month in which several significant events will occur:

The first is Ma and Ve in the same nakshatra, and this is either a divorce or one of the most romantic months of the year. Because it is a constellation of swindle or scam.

The transit of Jupiter into your sign Pisces will definitely bring unexpected benefits. If not financial, then positional for the future.

Change of the karmic axis Ra \ Ke, otherwise the reason for the activation of Martian energy. She will make you decide on risky steps, which at the end of the month will lead to an eclipse.

Towards the end of the month, Saturn transits into its sign of Aquarius, which will open up opportunities to reduce debts and defeat your internal enemies completely, but add questions to the reproductive system.

Horoscope Leo April 2022

This month will sell:

  • reduction in financial savings (temporary)
  • costs associated with the exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • for business, this can be a raider takeover or court cases

It would be nice to insure yourself and work hard on strengthening the main channel through which energy moves from the lower chakras – sushumna. Daily performance of Surya Namaskar very effectively performs the task of restoring the flexibility of the spinal column.

In total, in April there will be many events with a change in energies and the vector of karmic tasks. Savings will be slightly reduced, and of course, the strongest influence is the eclipse. But representatives of the solar sign have a lion’s grip and, with willpower, are able to come out victorious.


May 2022 for Lviv

Venus is in a sign of exaltation. The Sun is approaching its exaltation sign, and this will definitely be a month of uplift, if not material, then spiritual and emotional.

The only thing to consider is the retrograde of Mercury in the career zone. In practice, this means keeping your mouth shut and then everything will be chic. If you practice the mouna technique, you will become extraordinarily strong during this period.

An important event in March is the total lunar eclipse in Libra. This can be an extra bonus for you, but you need to understand what is worth doing on this day, and what is not good at all. Such eclipses are infrequent and seriously switch in terms of questions of the philosophy of life.

On the chart we will see:

  • A lot of work
  • Everything else is exactly except for emotions

From the good:

  • Overseas or local travel
  • Improvements in the sphere of relations at different levels

Horoscope Leo May 2022

June 2022 for Lviv

A month of slowdown in social activity and more search for satisfaction, you can say the return home. Allow yourself this month to fall into childhood and treat everything from a position of carelessness and acceptance. The month of receiving awards of various meanings and sizes. Be sure to visit your parents. If not already alive, then take part in the practices of harmonizing the energy of the family.

Summary of the 1st half of the year:

  • Winter months active load on career and issues of your property
  • The beginning of spring is a powerful breakthrough, control of relations with management and gray cardinals
  • At the end of spring, a change of focus from a winner to a defender of what is already there
  • Summer – spiritual self-improvement