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Astrological business analysis

Business consultation with an astrologer, with each new financial crisis , this service is gaining momentum. Since 2014, the number of “commercial” requests in my schedule has increased by almost 7 times. Analysis of business ideas is most in demand among investors. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are a very practical type of person and therefore rarely pay serious attention to esoteric approaches to planning their activities, but those who have worked with me in this direction have discovered this kind of additional adjustment of plans, and according to my observations, they are moving on quite successfully.

Astrological analysis of startups will provide enough information so that before launching a project, you can decide how much you are willing to invest and how much you are willing to invest in this idea.

Astrological business support services

  • Selection of the optimal date of registration / re-registration of the company. For a new company, this is the actual birthday and it can be used to quite specifically predict the success of the new company. And for the re-registration of an existing company, this will help to avoid unnecessary difficulties and financial costs.
  • astrology game cardsSelection of a list of optimal activities for business (according to the personal horoscope of an entrepreneur, the most successful types of business, insurance, real estate, trade, tourism, consulting, etc. are determined). In each of the selected directions, you can specify the choice, for example: wholesale or retail will be more optimal for trade, local or international for tourism, each case has its own specifics.
  • Choosing the optimal geo-location of a business or branch. A kind of “business feng shui”, but more specific. The success of a business depends very much on the location of the main office and branches. All Asian companies take this into account when choosing a location for business, and the best example of success thanks to the location was demonstrated by the American company McDonald’s.
  • Forecast of the company’s activity (analysis of the map of the operating enterprise) . This service includes: determination of the financial potential of the company, the duration of a profitable existence, the main reasons that slow down development and recommendations for their elimination.
  • An individual business calendar for a year is an excellent assistant in planning such events as: launching advertising, credit and debit transactions, closing or opening branches. Very useful and convenient service for a period of 12 months. During this time, you can check the accuracy of the forecasts several times + you can apply for additional advice on the specified periods (included in the price of the calendar).
  • Evaluation of the quality of existing business partners and incoming proposals from new ones (downturns and peaks in business activity, possible obstacles to concluding successful contracts, the prospects for new ideas and proposals).

Astrological business support

This is a very specific and effective method of insuring your business against unexpected situations. In ancient times, before sending a caravan or a sea expedition, merchants asked for the calculations of an astrologer. And sometimes, they waited for weeks until the right time to start came.

Abraham Ben Shmuel Zacuto is a Spanish-Jewish astrologer and historian who actually saved Christopher Columbus and his crew on expeditions in America through the use of lunar eclipse data.

In business, as in war, all methods are good, because the main thing is the result!


What does the service “Astrological business analysis” include:

  1. Business Map Analysis – Astrological SWOT
  2. The prospects of the chosen direction – what is the potential of the legal entity
  3. Scalability – Related Topics for Reinvestment
  4. Financial extensions – investment or loan
  5. Cross-analysis of business participants – arrangement of founders and employees by areas of responsibility
  6. Plan of action / activities according to the astrological position of the major planets and transits
  7. Chat via Zoom with answers to your questions
  8. Written recommendations by email
  9. Support on the topic of consultation 30 days

The cost of a consultation on stabilization and business development is $200. Further support by agreement.

Procedure:  write me  a request ⇒ pay ⇒ agree on a consultation time


If you still doubt the reality of astrological help for business, take a look at excerpts from some of the reports for my clients:

These passages are depersonalized and are for informational purposes only. 

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