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What questions to ask an astrologer?

Correctly asked questions to the astrologer will give more accurate and specific answers. From many years of consulting practice, I have selected the most worthwhile ones for consideration. Below are a hundred different questions to ask an astrologer. All questions are divided into topics. I am sure that you will be able to find among these questions your most exciting one. Why? Because we are all people who were born and raised in society, and therefore most of the questions are related to relationships in society, about ourselves or about finances.

Questions to ask an astrologer:

  1. About love
  2. About myself, about my talents and prospects
  3. Career, options for growth in service / work 
  4. How to increase personal income
  5. In what directions to develop in business
  6. Which consultation to choose

Variants of questions to the astrologer about Love:

Questions for an astrologer about loveWhen will I meet the true love of my life?

Will I be in a new relationship soon? Should I move in with my boyfriend? What can I do right now and in the coming months to take my relationship to the next level?

Why did we break up last year? Will I be fine if I get back with my ex?

How many times will I meet a potential compatible life partner? How will I meet my future husband?

Will my husband remain faithful and faithful to the end of our days?

What does my birth chart show about my relationships this year? What can I do to improve them? What should you avoid in a relationship with a guy?

Why do I always return to it? I started a new relationship, but I still think about my ex, how to end this relationship?

Does anyone love me secretly? Or maybe interested in me right now? Will my current partner be the person I will spend the rest of my life with?

Is my current boyfriend capable of true love and being a good partner?

Does my boyfriend keep in touch with his ex? Is my ex dating someone now? Why am I single?

I am looking for a soul mate who happens once in a lifetime. When will I meet him? Will the connection I felt today with my new partner lead to something good?

How compatible am I with my current boyfriend based on my birth date?

Am I making the right decision to break up with my boyfriend? I feel heartbroken. What should I do?

I think my boyfriend is unfaithful, am I really worried about something or is it just my imagination?

How will my personal life look like this year? Can my ex and I be good friends?

The guy I like promised to text me, but didn’t. Should I write to him myself?

When I get married? When will I have children?

Is my boyfriend losing feelings for me? I feel like something has changed between us. What happened?

If our relationship ends, who will decide? How long will the relationship with my current boyfriend last?

My boyfriend wants to be the best man for me? Does he really want to change?

What kind of person should I marry? Do I already know my future boyfriend? Is he someone I already know?

Will my boyfriend propose this year? When will we get engaged?

What is my purpose in his life? Will we ever be a couple or just stay good friends?

He never invites me to family dinners, what does that mean? Does he keep me a secret or does he not love me?

Did I make the right decision to stay with my current partner and can I still grow spiritually with him?

I got an offer from my boyfriend. Should I agree? Will our marriage be happy?

How to get rid of a guy who loves me, but I don’t feel anything for him?

I just broke up with my boyfriend, but I really want him back. Is he my future husband and does he still love me?

Do I need to worry about anything from his past? Can I trust him? He is a good man?

I think I fell in love with my colleague. Tell him about your feelings? Is now the right time?

Should I write to him and tell him I miss him? Is this a good idea? Will it bring him to me faster?

Is it a good idea to go on a date tomorrow with…? Will I marry a millionaire? Will I get pregnant this year?

What name should you choose for your first child? Could you advise how to choose it?

I love a married man. She says she will get divorced soon. Is it really? Will he stay with me or stay with his wife?

My boyfriend and I are in different places now. Will we still be together? Can you check if my boyfriend is faithful?

I met a guy from the Internet and he asked me out on a date. Should I agree? How can I trust him?

Every time I get to the point where I feel like we’re getting closer, I feel like he’s pulling back, why is he doing that?

Will my boyfriend and I ever understand each other? Can I trust my boyfriend and let him spend the upcoming holidays separately?

I have marriage problems. I’m not happy with our relationship. Will I find happiness in other relationships or should I stay in the marriage?

I am divorced. Will I get married again? When? How many children will I have in my lifetime?

I am single now and I am afraid that if I agree to a relationship, it will interfere with my career growth, what should I do?

What is the best date for my wedding this year? My future husband and I are from different cities, which city to choose for the wedding ceremony?

Does my boyfriend love me as much as I do, or is he only with me for comfort and a good financial position?



Questions to the astrologer about yourself

Am I on the right track according to astrology and destiny? Questions to the astrologer about fateWhich path is best for me now?

Can you tell more about me? Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what my real personality is.

What awaits me in the near future? Can I expect anything interesting in my life in the near future?

Do people like being around me? Does my horoscope show anything about the realization of my life purpose?

How gems affect our mind? How can I know which stone is right for me?

Is there anything big in my future, like fame or significant success?

When is the best time to start a fitness program and quit smoking to avoid unnecessary stress?

I want to have a pet. Which pet suits me best?

If fate is written, what do the stars say about mine?

What colors should be more in clothes in order to save internal energy, be more balanced, attract people?

Will I ever become an astrologer? Should I complete the courses or do I need a special talent? I have a good intuition?

Everything in my life is not going as planned. What is my ultimate destiny? Who and when am I destined to become?

Why do I face the same problems in my life? Can you recommend any mantras that will help improve my life?

Am I too addicted to food? How can I deal with it?

Now I feel very empty and hopeless. I have no career, no partner, no big plans. I hope things change for the better soon, do you have any advice?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of my personality? What qualities should I improve in myself?

Do you have any tips on meditations, mantras or gemstones that can enhance the positive impact on me in the current moment?

Can the stars and planets give me good advice on how to strengthen my will, confidence, and self-love?

Do I need to lose weight or change something in my appearance?

According to Vedic astrology, what is best for me, should I focus on my career, continuing my education, or starting a family?

I feel like the perfect woman—beautiful, smart, loving, ambitious. But I never attract men of my level, and it hurts. I don `t want to be alone. What to do?

Do I have black magic, the evil eye, or a voodoo doll on me? Seems like I’ve had less luck lately. What is happening in my destiny now?

How long will this difficult period last? Can you recommend a gem to help me with motivation?

What sports are best for me? According to my birth chart and all the information you get from it. Would I be a good leader?

Does fate love me? Or have I missed my fate? Where should I be?

I have been singing and writing songs since childhood. Some music labels are offering me contracts, am I ready? When should you take it to the next level?

How do I deal with all the stress I have? Are there people who negatively influence me?

Everyone has a purpose in life. How do I know what belongs to me? Sounds like I need to find myself spiritually? I feel like I don’t know which direction to go in my life. Which way is better for me?

I play in different performances. Will I be able to become a famous actress if I move to Hollywood? Or is it better to focus on other areas?

Do you think I have a higher purpose in life than what I see myself as? Was I destined to be bright, a leader, or relaxed?

Do coffee and sugar really affect me? Will I notice real improvements if I stop using these products?

People treat me badly, they hope that it will get better, but this is not so. Because of this, I do not see a positive future. What will you advice me?

I have a good intuition? Can I really feel spirits? Sometimes I have dreams about things before it happens. Do I have spiritual potential?

Everyone is married with kids and that’s my dream and I’m afraid it will never happen. What if not? What do I need to do to be truly happier?

I always expect too much from the people around me. Is there something wrong with them or am I really expecting too much? Can you show me how to stop unrealistic expectations?

How can I learn to accept and love myself, especially those aspects of my personality that I judge and feel ashamed of?

Nothing has worked for me for the last couple of years. When will things get better? Do I have a curse or bad luck, and how can I get good luck from now on?

The extreme responsibility makes me very anxious. Will this be the end or is it just part of my destiny that will never change?

Everything is changing fast for me. I don’t know if I can handle it all. What is written on my birth chart?

I find it difficult to understand my purpose in life and my true calling. Do you have an idea in which direction I should go? Do you have any inspiring news from my horoscope for the coming month?

What should I learn in this life? What is the mission of my life? Will I have a long and happy life? Will I have the life I want?

I am a musician. I play musical instruments and sing. Will I become a famous musician one day?

I believe that my destiny is to help people, right? What areas to choose according to the natal chart?

This weekend I have a meeting with my classmates, and I am very afraid to go, because 10 years have passed, and I have not done anything outstanding in my life. Worth going?

Could you advise me on which crystal or stone to wear that would give me confidence or a positive attitude?

Is this a good time for personal growth? If so, what can I focus on?

Do I have a future in professional sports? How can I improve myself in this area?

I feel like my motivation and influence of the planets is now strongly guiding me in the right direction. I’m wondering what’s my next major turn?

I feel very depressed, stressed and not motivated to work, what is wrong with me? Please help me deal with this condition more effectively.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little lazy and less productive. When will I start being productive again? What does it take to get motivated?

Where should I be at this moment in my life? Which path is best for me now? What is my lucky number? People say that it is very difficult for me to make decisions. Is it really?

What lifestyle is best for my spiritual growth? Which practices are best for me according to the natal chart?



What questions to ask an astrologer about work

Questions to the astrologer about workWhen will I get a job? Will I get a promotion this year?

Is accepting a new job offer now a good idea?

I just accepted a new job offer. How should I deal with new colleagues? What will the atmosphere be like at my new workplace?

I have an important interview tomorrow. Is it a good date for a successful interview? What can I do to be successful?

I was promoted to the position of a manager, could you give me career advice on how to build relationships in a team? Can I be a good boss? Will people love me? What is written on my birth chart?

Why can’t I find a job? How to deal with it?

I have a problem at work with my boss. Do you think things will get better or will I have to leave?

I have not received a single invitation for an interview in the last 2 months. What’s wrong? Should I accept a job offer in another city?

I am a housewife and I am very bored. But if I get a job, will I be able to handle it? Will I succeed?

Layoffs have started happening in my office, will this affect me?

I had an important job interview today, but I haven’t received any feedback yet, how did it go? Will I be hired? How do I need to develop to be more effective at interviews?

What are the best days and times to schedule an interview? Sometimes I feel very confident during the interview, and sometimes I feel very confused and confused, why is this happening?

I like the guy from my office. If he asks me out on a date, should I agree or will it ruin our professional relationship? I want to get a job, but my husband does not want me to work, what should I do?

I feel like I set out to do something important in life, but I’m having a hard time understanding what it is. Is it related to my career? I’m afraid to accept a promotion because my colleagues will be jealous and not support me. What should I do?

I don’t like my job at all, how do I get my dream job? What does my birth chart say about my work environment and career growth this year? Will I get a pay raise this year?

I had more than 10 interviews, but no offers were received. What’s wrong?

People say that clothes matter during a job interview. What should I wear to tomorrow’s interview? Colors? What gemstones bring good luck?

I received several job offers. Which one should I choose?

I think my boss is offering me a promotion with a raise because he likes me. If I agree, will he want to get something in return?

One of my colleagues always puts me down. Why does she do it? How to deal with it?

Over the past few years, I have changed jobs quite often. I do not understand why. What job suits me best according to my natal chart?

Already tired of sitting at home. I want to become a fitness instructor . How good will I be at this?

I’ve been working at my current place for three years and I’m bored. When is the best time to start looking for a new job? Should I enhance my qualities and experience on my resume, or is it better to be truthful?

I had a dream that I would fail tomorrow’s interview, will it be so? What gem should you carry during a job interview to feel confident?

I have an awkward relationship with my boss. What is the reason for this, according to astrology? I think my colleagues don’t like me, do they? What can I do to improve the situation? Is now a good time to change jobs?

I graduated 1-2 years ago and can’t find a job in my specialty. Should I keep looking or should I look elsewhere?

I’m going on a business trip next month, how can I prepare for this? Will it be effective for me?

I’m having a tough time at work. Could you suggest a suitable solution that will lead to some gains? Did senior management understand my concerns today and will there be changes? Will they take me seriously?

I want to get a job abroad. When can I do it?



Questions to Ask a Financial Astrologer

Questions for an astrologer about financesWhat do I need to know about my future financial results? Will I be rich one day?

It seems to me that my husband keeps our financial situation a secret. Is it so? Are our finances better than he tells me, or worse? Will I ever be financially independent from my family?

I am about to take out a loan, when is the best time to apply? Will I ever be able to buy myself a house?

I need money to develop my business, which is better – borrow from friends or take a loan from a bank? Can I get a loan from a bank?

Many people tell me that I can never save. It’s true? My friend wants me to lend him some money? Will this affect our friendship?

Why am I facing debt and loss? Will I get sudden luck or the lottery? Will I receive an inheritance, and if so, when?

Can you tell me about the movement of money throughout my life? What can I do to improve my financial situation?

When is the best time to buy a car? Should we have one or two accounts with my husband?

My husband says we need to save more. Should we? Should I save money secretly from my husband?

Is it worth it to buy a really expensive gift for a guy’s birthday to prove that I love him?

I earn more than my husband and I think he is sad and angry about it. Is it really?

Will my life improve if I start donating money to charity? I saved up some money, should I keep it in the bank or invest it?

I am a housewife and my husband gives me money, I want more, but I’m afraid to ask him what should I do? My husband spends a lot of money. Does he spend it on other women?

Do I have financial problems in the future? How much money should I save? My husband borrowed a lot of money for the business. We are trying our best to get our money back. Will there be such problems in the future?

When will my financial situation be stable? Will we be able to afford a child next year?

Lately, my husband and I have been having a lot of arguments about money. What is the reason for this? Can we pay taxes and costs ourselves, or do we need to sell something?

I date one guy, but I always cry for both of us everywhere. Is he with me because of my money? My boyfriend never leaves a tip in a restaurant. Is it because he is greedy?

Is it smart to buy a house in this market? The rental price has been increased. Will I be able to find the same at a better price? Or should I agree to a promotion?

I feel like I spend too much money on shopping. Is this an obsession? Should I cut my expenses? In what areas of work can I earn the most? Should I change now?

When is the best time to sell a house?



Ask questions to a business astrologer

Can I be a good businessman by birth chart?Business Astrologer Questions

I want to run my own business. Which area to choose? Where can I be more successful? When is a good time to invest?

If I open a handmade organic cosmetics store, will it be successful?

Is now a good time to start your own business? When is the best time to launch a new business to make it successful? I’m tired of being just an employee. Will I receive a cooperation offer? Or is it better to start your own business?

I was asked to become a business partner of my friend. Should I agree? Now I am working on a big project. Will it be successful? Will I make money or will I lose money?

I just started a new business. It is very difficult and I have many doubts. How soon will I become profitable?

I am successful in my current business, but I want to expand into other areas. Could you advise what other directions are suitable for me? What will happen to my business next year?

I am a make-up designer. If I start an online vlog, will I become successful and famous? Should I invite other people into my business, or should I make everything mine? Will it be the right decision to start a business with relatives?

A couple of times I tried to start my own business, but without success. Should I continue? What does my birth chart say?

I have a meeting with an important potential client next week, will it be successful? What date and time would be best for him? What are the weaknesses of my business skills?

This year I plan to open a public relations agency. Will I make it good and popular?

My husband wants me to quit the business and take care of our children. What should I do? Can I do both?

Is it time to invest more money in advertising? Will it pay off and help my business become more profitable? Why is my business not working? Can I fully trust my business partner?

I have a hairdressing salon, this year I plan to open a massage parlor. Can I pay off the loan?

Should I hire the new assistant I spoke with today? There have been changes in business, new people have appeared. I want to know if this was the right decision and how well things will go from there?

How can I motivate my employees to work more efficiently? My partners are taking too long to consider a new deal. Will they agree? What’s the matter?

The relationship with my business partner is deteriorating. What is the reason and what can I do to improve them?

My business is in crisis. What should I do, wait or try to sell now until it drops completely?

I want to expand my business abroad. Which countries are best suited for this?

I am a fitness instructor. Will I be able to open a network of gyms in the future? Will I have a tax audit this year?

Should I hire a consulting company to help solve my company’s problems, or should I try to do it myself? I had very important talks today. Will we make a deal?

I want to start a small fashion business. According to my birth chart, should I be good at this?

Is there a threat of new competitors in my field this year? I’ve been struggling with my business lately and despite a lot of effort, it seems to be out of luck here. How long it will be going on?

I was offered to sell my business. Should I do it and take the money or keep working on it?

I want to retire. Should I sell my business or find a partner to take care of it?

What does Vedic Astrology say about my luck in trading? If this is not suitable, please recommend me a business sector for more profit.

I want to open my own jewelry business. If I merge my company with my main competitor, will it pay off in the long run? My business is in a downgrading period. Is it better to close or find money and try to revive?



Topics for asking questions to an astrologer:

Profession / career
Wealth and finances
Love relationships
Family and children
Relationships (relatives, partners)
Accommodation / Relocation

On this site you can ask a question to an astrologer online

consulting with an astrologer Roman TeosWhat is an astrological consultation and how can it help you improve your quality of life? Even a short consultation with an astrologer can help in solving the most difficult life situations. A correctly formulated question to an astrologer will give excellent results and open up opportunities for changing fate for the better. 

To begin with, it is important to understand what Jyotish astrology is , where this knowledge came from and how to use it in the modern world.

Jyotish is an ancient science that was expounded in Sanskrit in the Vedic scripture called the Atharva Veda.

The Atharva Veda contains knowledge about architecture, medicine, astrology and other applied disciplines. Knowledge is presented in magical formulas, spells and mantras. The ancient sages used them to protect against demons and disasters, heal diseases, increase life expectancy, fulfill various desires, achieve certain life goals, and also to comprehend the highest Truth.

Asking an astrologer a question and getting an astrological consultation online is a chance to lift the veil of the future and understand the current situation. All you need is to correctly formulate the question and write it, for example, to me in the messenger by clicking the button below:

Узнать свой асцендент

In modern society, people come to an astrologer for a consultation mainly in order to solve their material or love issues. Very rarely, someone asks questions related to the spiritual aspects of the development of his personality. Therefore, it comes as a big surprise to many that by changing their attitude towards their parents, business affairs can be dramatically improved.

How does a consultation with an astrologer work?

To start the calculations, I need the initial data on the place, time and date of the completed or planned event. By filling out this form send me an email romano.teos@gmail.com

After agreeing on all the details by mail, we appoint a convenient form of consultation. Advice can be obtained in several ways:

  1. in a written PDF format by mail, the document will contain all the necessary information
  2. Skype conversation + PDF document with highlights and Q&A
  3. personal meeting in a cozy place or office + PDF with basic information

What to expect from a consultation with an astrologer:

One of the translations of the Sanskrit word Jyotish is the light of knowledge, so an experienced Vedic astrologer, using various techniques and analyzing the position of the planets in your chart, finds and illuminates the necessary information.

For different people, the same situation can have a different reason, the so-called karmic connection with actions in the past . By correctly identifying the causes, you can choose effective methods to solve your problems.

As for issues related to forecasts for events in the future, such as: the birth of children, marriage, a good time for a startup, the best time to buy real estate, the optimal period for a complex operation , and others, it is important to understand that the astrologer does not make decisions for you, and gives advice and tools on how to do it right.


The cost of consultation with an astrologer is determined by the amount of work

As in any business, the cost of the service depends on the amount of energy and time spent. Different types of consultations require different techniques in the preparation and preparation of calculations. Any service is an exchange of energy between the participants in the process , I talk about this in more detail in this article .

Some types of consultations are free of charge. If you have a difficult financial situation, then I am ready to help for a symbolic donation or favor in exchange. This will save us from unnecessary karmic debts. Below the link you can go to the section of astrological services:

Go to the section of my consultations on astrology