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Vedic astrologer Roman Teos

My name is Roman , originally from Ukraine. I am a Vedic Astrologer and Yogi.

My interest in mysticism and the study of everything esoteric has manifested itself in me since childhood. I realized this especially clearly when I watched a story about Tibet and firmly decided that I definitely need to get there (I was about 7 years old).

Vedic astrologer - Roman Teos

As all boys were supposed to do in the 80s, I began to engage in various types of martial arts, which eventually led to silver at the Ukrainian championship in hand-to-hand combat among special services in 2002.

Vedic Astrology in my life

I started studying astrology at school. Then it was interesting for me to understand the compatibility of the signs of the horoscope with my friends and the opposite sex. It was very interesting for me to observe the behavior of my classmates and compare it with the descriptions of their horoscope signs. Later, while studying Vedic literature, I established my intention to realize myself as a professional Vedic astrologer in Indian Jyotish astrology.

I started my studies at the school of Rami Bleckt, having gone through several stages, I began to consult and at the same time study with other masters (Robert Svoboda, Vasiliy Tushkin, David Frawley).

What healing practices do I use as a yogi?

During my student years, I studied acupuncture and therapeutic massage quite deeply . This led me to further master the healing practices of Qi Gong , which I still practice today. The ancient Chinese civilization left a lot of interesting knowledge, from the art of tea drinking (which I practice every day) to the Book of Changes, which describes the basic principles of the universe and the cycles of time changes. I use a lot from Ayurveda.

Where is the jewelry

When studying esoteric texts, you involuntarily pay attention to the meanings of different signs and symbols. Once I wanted to make a gift to my wife and I began to study the properties of precious metals and stones . Now it has turned into something more than a hobby and is gradually turning into a professional production of esoteric jewelry with a sacred meaning. Gems have a very strong energy that can be used to soften a karmic situation or as a catalyst to accelerate the achievement of a desired goal.

Why do I practice yoga

My yoga teacher certificateTraveling around the world, I noticed that rich people often complain about the lack of health and this does not make them feel completely happy. Reflections on this topic led me to practice Yoga and receive an international yoga teacher certification. Now, traveling the world, I teach yoga in different countries and online. Yogi is a philosophy of life that is formed from ancient sources of knowledge and personal practice. Together with the Yoga Hub club, we conduct yoga retreats , spiritual tours to holy places and yoga classes online.

Combining all of the above, I can say with confidence that nothing happens by chance in our lives. We prescribe all events by our actions in the past. That is why it is very important to strive to develop comprehensively as a harmonious personality on 4 levels:

  1. spiritual,
  2. physical,
  3. social
  4. material

Then our thoughts and actions in the present will shape positive situations in the future.

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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva